Trade Rumors: Yankees looking for pitching, right-handed bat

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As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, the Yankees have declared what they’re specifically looking for in this year’s trade market.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported the Yankees are currently looking for pitching and possibly a right-handed bat. But while the Yankees have mentioned they’re interested in acquiring a starting pitcher, they have voiced their reluctance to part with any of their top prospects. The team has already declared they have no interest in moving Luis Severino, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge and Rob Refsnyder. But general manager Brian Cashman also gave the notion the team might not do anything all by the deadline.

“There is a strong possibility that there might not be anything that makes sense for us,” Cashman told ESPN on Monday morning. “If you are focusing on: Are there going to be available starting pitchers [that] are better than what we have? Yeah, but will they be worth the price tag to acquire on a short-term rental, for instance? Is it worth the overall cost of some of the talent we have coming? That is what we would wrestle with. There are certain players that we do not want to move.”

The Yankees have been linked to players such as Cole Hamels, Mike Leake, Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto, but Cashman once again expressed his reluctance in acquiring anyone, especially with a thin trade market leading up to the July 31st deadline.

“I do like the chemistry in this clubhouse. I do like the personnel that we have,” Cashman said. “I recognized that we all have our flaws and defects and areas that could be better, but in some cases, you might not be able to address them because of availability just doesn’t exist. Or you may not be able to address them because you don’t want to step up and overpay to get them done. Those are things I will be discussing with ownership and certainly will take their lead and engage 29 other clubs. It is easier to predict no activity than significant activity. We’ll see.”

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7 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees looking for pitching, right-handed bat

  1. hotdog says:

    out of those 4 mentioned, I think the most likely might be Mike Leake…he's a solid innings eater but will not dazzle you although he's pitched some very good games…he is a decent mid-back of the rotation type pitcher but gets hit hard every 4 or 5 games out…he may be insurance which is what the team needs…he's probably going to get a decent contract next year from someone…Cincy could also keep him if nothing looks good enough, make a qualifying offer and pick up a draft pick that way…

    • tom says:

      Don't rule Zobrist out yet. I don't think A's could net something worth than 2016 1st round compensatory pick for him. Since Cashman does not want to part with Refsnyder, Jose Pirela and Nick Rumbelow or Brandon Pinder could get it done. With Mitchell out, Severino may be there for bullpen help if necessary so Yankees can package Mitchell and Pazos for Leake.

      Granted, I have absolutely no idea what would actually happen but while the team salary gets higher, they have one spot open reserved for Severino this year. Pazos will be required to add to the reserve list (40 man roster) this winter so Cashman would have more spots open for Bird and a couple of prospects that are far far away from MLB level. Refsnyder replacing Zobrist and Severino replacing Leake for 2016 opening day roster. Easy.

  2. Ollie says:

    Mike Leake would be a great pick-up! The Yanks don't need a ace just a guy to steady rotation and wouldn't cost as much as Cueto who probably wouldn't cut his hair anyways. I am surprised the Reds would let him go!

  3. tom says:

    Ah..Indians' 2B Jose Ramirez is available for trade. umm.

    Jose E. Ramirez for Jose A. Ramirez trade. LOL.

  4. Ariel says:

    Cashman should trade for Chapman and the team will only need 6 solid innings from started come playoff time.

    • hotdog says:

      not worth giving up what Cincy would want for a guy who would improve a very good bullpen…if the Yankees were going to get a marquee player in trade at this point, they would be better off going after a front end starter…the good money is on the Yankees staying away from marquee players via trade in 2015…

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