Trade Rumors: Yankees not interested in Aaron Hill


The Yankees have admitted they’ve been scouring the second base trade market, but they’ve also said the pickings were slim. With that said, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting the Yankees have no interest in Diamondbacks second basemen Aaron Hill.

The Yankees have stuck with Stephen Drew despite an abysmal season offensively, crediting Drew’s exceptional defense at second and shortstop for their hesitance to trade. The Yankees could also recall Rob Refsnyder to the majors, which is also the reason the Yankees are extremely reluctant to trade for another second basemen.

Hill is hitting .221/.294/.326 in 75 games this season for the D-Backs.

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3 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees not interested in Aaron Hill

  1. Balt Yank says:

    I definitely think the Yanks should trade for a 221 hitting 2B over calling up Rob Ref. Makes sense. (Sarcasm alert).

  2. j johnny johnson says:

    didn't we have martin prado??????????????

  3. pisano says:

    Just leave well enough alone, unless you can find a second baseman that can hit .250+, sure Drew's avg. is low, but he does have pop in his bat, and he's a slick fielder. They ought to platoon him with Refsnyder.

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