What does the Rob Refsnyder call-up mean for Stephen Drew?

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After last night’s game against the Boston Red Sox, Joe Girardi pulled Stephen Drew aside and informed him Rob Refsnyder was coming to the Major Leagues. Girardi said he told Drew before addressing the media because he didn’t want Drew to get blindsided with questions. The reason Drew could be  the go-to guy with questions after the Refsnyder call-up is an obvious one; Drew hasn’t exceeded the Yankees expectations and Refsnyder is possibly their future.

Drew has hit for power and has played good defense, but his average is well below the Mendoza line. Drew doesn’t know exactly how he’ll fit when Refsnyder comes up, but he did say he was extremely happy for Refsnyder and couldn’t wait to see him play.

“Hopefully, we’re here to win,” Drew said. “Whatever’s going to help us win, that’s what we’re going to do. So hopefully, he’ll come up, and I know how it is when you first get called up. It’s going to be fun for him, and hopefully in his first at-bat or whatnot, he can get a hit and add that first one. I remember mine. It took me nine at-bats. So hopefully he’ll adjust soon. I think he’s good. I saw him in spring training, he’s a great player and a good hitter, so looking forward to him being here with us.”

The initial reaction to Refsnyder making the club was possibly Drew seeing more time on the Yankees bench, especially since Girardi all but confirmed Refsnyder was going to be with the team beyond the All-Star break. The move of Refsnyder coming up could mean the Yankees are ready to make a transition at second base. Or maybe the Yankees are showcasing Refsnyder with the possibility of a trade (the trade deadline is less than three weeks away, and the Yankees have been tied to a few players on the trade market).

Refsnyder’s move won’t impact Drew right away–there’s a possibility Drew could play third base with Chase Headley nursing a knee injury. But as of this moment it’s hard to tell if the Refsnyder move is the Yankees envisioning him being their new second basemen–or if he could be a new trade piece to bring them back a starting pitcher.

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5 Responses to What does the Rob Refsnyder call-up mean for Stephen Drew?

  1. Bruce Jenner says:

    Headly is probably going to the DL and will be retroactive to this last Tuesday. He was going to be out the weekend anyways. Add in the four days of the break and that's 7 days rest then add the 2 games he didn't play and it's 9 days out. Give him 4-5 days on rehab so he's fresh and not coming back cold after not seeing live pitching for 10 days.

    Play Drew at 3rd if need be and go to defense at 2nd in the late innings.

  2. Terry says:

    Gotta give Drew credit.He made a lot of nice plays behind Big Mike last night.I haven't been a fan of his this season but watching our defensive struggles make me appreciate a player that can get it done.Can't wait to see Refs.I believe he is our future at 2nd base.I want to see what he has now

  3. guest says:

    Why look for pitching when we have severino ready in the minors

  4. tom says:

    Per Rob A, it is not a rumor but there is a stupid speculation that Yankees could pursue Stalin Castro to be their 2B.

  5. Scott says:

    Petit and Ryan should be gone . Drew can backup. Better power off the bench. Ryan can't hit a homer and drew has 12 even with the bad average. He'll Ryan can't even stay healthy for a guy who doesn't even play !! See what refsyder can do. If he makes too many errors that cost games then you send him. Down . People say he has 13 errors this year …. Headley has 15 so I don't want to hear that nonsense

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