Who could be some potential trade targets for the Yankees?


The July 31st trade deadline is a mere few weeks away, and the 2015 Yankees haven’t necessarily needed to bolster their roster like the 2014 Yankees did. But while the ball-club is good, the team could be better, which means you shouldn’t expect the Yankees to be completely idle as the trade deadline approaches.

“I like our club,’’ Yankees GM Brian Cashman said to the New York Post. “Can we be better? Of course. But with the [players] people are coming after, it’s easier to say no.’’

Cashman isn’t keen on parting with players such as Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird or Gary Sanchez, but if the right deal did come along, Cashman would have to ask Hal Steinbrenner whether or not it’d be okay to make the trade. So if Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman were heavily scouring the trade market to add a few pieces to their roster, who could they add?

1. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies: Everyone in the American League East wants Cole Hamels. But Cole Hamels intrigues the Yankees because he doesn’t have a no-trade clause to come to New York. Hamels also would be in his prime and would be in a contract until the year 2019. The only problem is, what would the Yankees have to give up in order to acquire Hamels? Would it have to be their prized prospects Severino and Judge? And would Hal Steinbrenner actually pull the trigger on this deal?

2. Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds: The Yankees could use Johnny Cueto in their rotation, especially with CC Sabathia not pitching to his contract. But the problem with Cueto is he’s in the final year of his contract, which means he’d only be a midseason rental. Not to mention the Yankees would have to give up a lot for him. Unless the Yankees are able to work out a contract extension before the trade, I don’t think the trade would be a good fit.

3. Ben Zobrist, Oakland Athletics: Ben Zobrist has some plus sides if the Yankees are thinking of going this route; he wouldn’t cost the entire farm and he’d be under team control for another season. But Zobrist plays second base, which impacts both Stephen Drew and Rob Refsnyder. If the Yankees do land Zobrist, that means more diminished playing time for Drew, and the main question is what happens with Refsnyder. Would Refsnyder be a back-up player, or are the Yankees simply advertising Refsnyder for trade like they did with Jesus Montero prior to the Montero / Michael Pineda deal?

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11 Responses to Who could be some potential trade targets for the Yankees?

  1. Joefer 44 says:

    But would JC trim his dreads to be a Yankee?? He could McCutchen it…..off . Swap Gary Sanchez or JR Murphy for him. Kazmir is a better fit…as a rental.

  2. mick says:

    Zobrist certainly has more value than that of only a 2B. And, he plays both corner OF positions, as well as all the IF positions. He is solid no matter where he plays, and is a dependable veteran player. Zobrist may well be the most versatile and valuable multi-positional player in the game. I hope Refsnyder receives most of the playing time a 2B, and earns the position. But, in no way does that diminish the value of Zobrist to the Yankees. Especially important in a trade for Zobrist would be the inclusion of Drew in the deal. For that to happen, the Yanks will assume much of the contract, for it to get done.

  3. James Dogg says:

    Zorbrist is not worth any of those prospects, that would be a step backwards in terms of philosophy– we will not loose playoff spot or series due to 2b play, Hammels is a big risk at 89mil thru age 35, with 1900 innings on his arm that deal could go south quick and while some great games, never won more than 17 – a potential Pavano like situation . Cueto is interesting because he could sign on long term if he comes here and wins–

  4. mick says:

    I didn't mention any prospects for trade other than Mason WIlliams for Zobrist. Zobrist is certainly worth that. Most of baseball disagrees with your assessment of Hamels, and Cueto could be purchased by anyone by season's end. Although, I agree with Cueto as both the better overall pitcher, for the long haul. A #1, for $23.5M per for the next three years, thru age 34 is well within budget. Hamels is a #1, and he's a lefty. His fourth year is a team option, in 2019. So, it's essentially a three year deal, for $69M plus what ever is due for the remainder of this season.. I think I got the math right on that. So, he's affordable, very affordable.

  5. Scott says:

    In no way you trade for any of these three guys . We don't need zobrist and that certainly doesn't imported is much . Hamels is laughable to even think of trading many guys for all that money. Cueto can be signed in the offseason and not trade anyone for him . So that leaves a lesser known starter to go for if anyone is decent .

  6. pinstripman says:

    The only player I want the Yankees to pursue is Chapman from the Reds. He would definitely have an impact on the Yankees ability to advance in the playoffs. The Yankees could include Lindgren, Williams and another prospect in order to get him.

    • tom says:

      to acquire Chapman, Reds will want a blue chip prospect included. Forget it.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Having Chapman on the Yankees would be a dream…but with what the Reds want in return, having Chapman would be just that…a dream.

  7. tom says:

    I would not trade either Refsnyder nor Pirela for Zobrist because 2B market is painfully bad this year and next year. Yankees would overpay Zobrist to stay with Yankees beyond 2016 otherwise Yankees have only one player to man 2B. Excluding Ryan, of course.

    To bring Zobrist to us, Yankees have to chip off outside 2B players. I certainly don't want to hurry Mateo or Wade up into 2B job next season.

  8. pinstripman says:

    Please define what a blue chip prospect is. Lindgren has a high ceiling having already pitched at the big league level this year and is a left handed reliever with an upside. Sanchez and cash should easily be enough to get this deal done.

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