Would the Yankees consider trading Carlos Beltran?


When the Yankees signed Carlos Beltran in an almost $500 Million shopping spree during the 2013-2014 offseason, one that brought Brian McCann, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury to the Bronx, the Yankees envisioned Beltran to be mostly a designated hitter, with occasional play in right field. However, it hasn’t panned out the way the Yankees dreamed it would.

Derek Jeter was in his final season with the Yankees in 2014, which required use of the DH spot. Alex Rodriguez‘s return in 2015 along with the Yankees re-signing Chase Headley to play third base has seen Beltran in right field more often than not. Beltran’s bat has come around despite a catastrophic April, but his defense is still troubling due to his limited range. With the Yankees unable to use the DH spot for Beltran along with him being a liability in right field, would the Yankees consider trading Beltran? And if they did, where to?

Joel Sherman of the New York Post suggests the Los Angeles Angels, who are in need of a designated hitter and have recently cleared up money after trading Josh Hamilton to the Texas Rangers.

Beltran recently has hit far better (.841 OPS over the last 35 games), but does that justify keeping such a liability in right field, particularly because he is not countering that with power at the plate? The Angels need another bat, have an opening at DH (where Beltran belongs) and cleared some salary by moving Josh Hamilton. I wonder if the Yankees could eat some of the $15 million owed Beltran in 2016 and make that work to create a more flexible, defensively sound roster.

Suggesting the Yankees trade Beltran to the Angels is an interesting theory, and it’s one that could help clear payroll and invest in a right fielder that has more range in the outfield. Beltran’s offense isn’t the main issue as he’s hitting .260/.309/.430 with a .739 OPS in 66 games with the Yankees this season, but he has a 0.2 WAR this season, and even had a -0.7 WAR last season. It’s obvious Beltran has his limitations, and even the small area in right field at Yankee Stadium isn’t helping. But if the Yankees did trade Beltran to the Angels, the team wouldn’t get much in return. However, it would open right field for Aaron Judge, who is currently hitting .303/.415/.455 with a .869 OPS in nine games with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

Trading Beltran sounds good in theory, but would the Yankees actually do it?

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17 Responses to Would the Yankees consider trading Carlos Beltran?

  1. Rudy k. says:

    No they can't he has a full no trade clause.

    • Does he have full no trade clause or a partial? Because I haven't seen it written anywhere that he has a full. Either way, it is pretty common for players with no trade clauses to be dealt.

  2. Mark 28 says:

    It would be a wonderful miracle if they could trade Beltran. He truly is a liability. Even if they have to eat a good part of his salary it would be worth it.

  3. tom says:

    Perish that stupid suggestion. We need to pay no attention to NY Post writer.

    Angels did not clear money room by trading Josh Hamilton. Beltran isn't fit what Angels want to covet for. He has no trade protection which he likely won't waive.

    And oh! Yankees have expressed their freaking interest in Clay Buchholtz per rumor. jeez!

    • There was no rumor that the Yankees were interested in Clay Buchholz. What happened was, a Boston writer was discussing trade possibilities and wrote something along the lines that Samardzija and Buchholz were both available on the trade market and a list of about six teams, which included the Yankees, were looking for pitching. That's all. The Yankees and the Red Sox hardly ever make trades and when they do they are for shitty players like Stephen Drew. The Red Sox would never, ever, in a million years trade Buchholz to the Yankees. There was no real direct link between the Yankees and Buchholz. It was a throwaway line by a writer and bloggers without discretion wrote about it.

      • tom says:

        And what of Carlos Beltran going to Angels?

        • Celerino says:

          We can only hope its true. Nothing against him, but the reality is that he is a DH now and we already have one, and one has to go.

  4. Nunzio says:

    Beltran has seen better days, along with cc Sabathia , keeping these two around is a tough call , the yankees would be a better team without them , Judge has to come up , you cannot keep a player with his talent down, that's the problem with the yankees they keep there talent on the farm to long, and finally discourage these kids, it's cashmans and the Yankee brain trust way

  5. Terry says:

    It's now or never time with Beltran.He has hit better recently and we're at that time of year where teams look for a veteran bat.There will be less takers next year.We would probably have to eat Atleast 5 mil to get it done.We don't need two DHs and Alex is the bigger threat.I say,get it done.His effort in the field is borderline pathetic

    • Two things — if Beltran is healthy and playing, he would have more value at next year's trade deadline (because of his expiring contract) than this year's deadline. The second, the Yankees are very unlikely to eat any of Beltran's deal to trade him now. It would have to be a team who is motivated to pick up a DH or no trade at all. As it is, the Yankees very rarely deal away a bat like Beltran's at the deadline. You would literally have to go back to the David Justice to the Mets for Robin Ventura to find a comparable deal and that was in 2001 (and the Mets immediately turned around and traded Justice to the A's makinging it, basically, a 3-team deal).

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I think he'll have takers this offseason if he continues to hit all year. I doubt the Yankees will trade him. Maybe we can package Beltran, Esmil Rogers, CC, and Capauno for Hamels? I mean, that's 4 for 1. LOL.

  7. Jeter222 says:

    I've always liked Beltran but it's painful watching him play RF. Get what you can for him while he's still worth something and get rid of Drew, too (Rogers is so awful I don't care what they do with him as long as he doesn't pitch for the Yankees again!), and bring both Judge AND Refsnyder up to the bigs.

  8. Robert Rufa says:

    They should. He's weight they can't afford. So is CC. If the Yankees have a decent pitching coach, Rogers is worth keeping for a while. He's under 30 and he might be able to learn something. Drew should get more of a shot at SS, see if returning to his natural position helps his hitting. He had some solid years until he started getting bumped around, and he's only 32

  9. Scott says:

    Too late now that he is yet again on the DL . Never in a million years they should have given him the 3 years. He could have been gone after this year and made way for Judge

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