Yankees designate Garrett Jones for assignment and add Dustin Ackley to roster


Many figured the Yankees would either designate or trade Stephen Drew, Garrett Jones or Brendan Ryan to make room for Dustin Ackley. And many would have put their bet on Drew, but if there’s one thing the Yankees are good at, it’s providing the shock factor. And providing the shock factor they did.

The Yankees announced they have designated outfielder Garrett Jones for assignment in order to add Ackley to the roster. The Yankees also announced Chris Capuano cleared wavers and has reported to Scranton and Slade Heathcott has reported to Scranton after coming off the disabled list.

The Yankees traded for Jones last offseason as a backup to Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira and as a left handed option off the bench. He struggled defensively all season and hit just .215/.257/.361 in 57 games so it isn’t surprising to see him cut loose.

Ackley’s numbers aren’t much better, he’s hit just .215/.270/.366 in 85 games this year, but he’s stronger defensively than Jones was and can play more positions. It seems likely the Yankees will try to use Ackley as Ben Zobrist type who will play multiple positions in both the infield and outfield.

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7 Responses to Yankees designate Garrett Jones for assignment and add Dustin Ackley to roster

  1. bob says:

    You never have enough pitching, and this year seems to prove it!

  2. hotdog says:

    Drew has stepped up his game…he hit .230 in June and is hitting .250 in July…

  3. Derryn says:

    Let's remember that Ackley has been playing his home games in a place that is not exactly a hitter friendly park (look at Cano's numbers since he went to Seattle if you want proof of that), and Garret Jones has played his home games in Yankee Stadium.

    • tom says:

      He is talented in bat but for some reason he can't hit like he should be. This year, he hits better at home than away but he so far splits equally in his career. Once he adjusts his bat, he could be a steal.

  4. hotdog says:

    It's also possible that a new hitting coach can help Ackley to turn it around…not a bad investment just not the big bang most of us were hoping for…

  5. hotdog says:

    I'm hearing that the Yankees were willing to give up Mateo for Kimbrell, at least according to Ken Rosenthal and Joel Sherman…no deal…

    • tom says:

      From my understanding, Yankees won't part Mateo unless it is a starting pitcher. One of SPs and Kimbrel for a package that is consist of Mateo. That could work but I have no idea what is the rest of the said package.

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