Yankees release Esmil Rogers; Rogers to play Korean Professional Baseball


There’s still an hour left until the trade deadline and the Yankees have sort of made a move.

The Yankees announced they have unconditionally released Esmil Rogers from his contract in order for Rogers to pitch for the Hanwha Eagles in Korean Professional Baseball. The Hanwha Eagles have sent cash considerations to the Yankees in return.

After getting off to a great start in April, Rogers floundered, pitching to a 6.27 ERA and a 1.667 WHIP in 33 innings. The Yankees ultimately designated him for assignment and sent him to Triple-A before his release.

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10 Responses to Yankees release Esmil Rogers; Rogers to play Korean Professional Baseball

  1. tom says:

    No worry… Capuano replaces him in AAA. LOL..

  2. Jack says:

    Great move Cashman! I am sure this is the move all Yankee fans were hoping for. I know that you must realize that you screwed up and this team is in trouble as other teams have improved and the Yanks got Another 200hitter to join Drew . Time for you and Girardi to go bye bye!

    • True yankee fan says:

      Amen! Girardi doesn't know how to play small ball by bunting or sacrificing. Also, how much longer do we have to deal with that albatross Sabathia pitching every 5 days. It's almost comical that it is both a guaranteed loss and a tax on the bullpen when he can't go more than 5 innings

      • Jack says:

        Just heard that the Mets just acquired Cespesdes and with their pitching just might own New York. Way to go Hal Cashman Girardi, I hope you all go .

  3. stuart kemp says:

    Cashman should have been gone long ago…… look what the blue jays have done ,,, they are in it to win it…. yankees should have made some big moves but someone has his head up his————–…

  4. exco says:

    yes they all have their heads up their ass the dumbrenner boys just want to fill their pockets with our money clueless joe is waiting for the three run homers every game and yes man cashman cant make any moves on his own, never has never will…BOSS where are u.

  5. Andres says:

    All this and we in first place horrible ! Worst GM and coach ever running a team no one expected anything from to first place! Bad Cashman not trading prospects and getting fleeced for high cost pitchers that could turn into the next Ce Ce or expensive relievers we don't need. What are you thinking pitching Sabathia a guy you can't move or pay 20 something odd million to sit on the bench. A guy who is the captain of your pitching staff has enough heart to pitch til exhaustion was your ace just three years ago and has already won a ring. Terrible decision sticking with that kind of a guy when u got no real choices anyways. Horrible showing faith in that guy or your system and bringing up a guy who is moving guys down in the minors. Wonderful how same people killing the Yankees such fans of the Yankees probably the same ones who thought giving Sabathia an extension was a good idea or complain that the Yankees don't develop prospects! Yankees fans are such spoiled brats the Yankees have not had a losing record last five years suffered bad contracts, injuries and still made the playoffs 3 out of 5 years one a World Series amd win a couple American League East while rebuilding slowly there farm system and being caught up in spending by the likes of LA, Anaheim, Detroit and even teams and Seattle and those teams have not won either so cry all u want I will wait and enjoy a season where ARod hits for 30 homeruns with Texiera because as with them winning a tough AL East might not happen again soon!

    • Tom F says:

      Andres I couldn't agree with you more. They've been trying to build up farm system and make smart baseball moves by not overspending. That's smart baseball and look at the chemistry of this team. They're playing hard (with the exception of Beltran).

  6. Michael R says:

    Well I'm not a Girardi fan, but they are in 1st place and playing well. Until they take a nose dive whatever he's doing is working, and while I might not agree with the moves, I'll take leading the division over my personal opinions any day.

  7. Dago Red says:

    Michael, glad to see someone that is not so negative. The YANKEES have won seven out of the last eight series. Today the bottom half of the order did the job. Gregorius is improving at the plate, even drew got three hits, the fact remains, the YANKEES lead the East by 6 games, and that is all that counts.

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