Yankees set rotation for second half of the season


Before this afternoon’s game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, manager Joe Girardi announced how he’ll set up his rotation to begin the second half of the season.

Friday: Masahiro Tanaka
Saturday: Michael Pineda
Sunday: CC Sabathia
Nathan Eovaldi
Wednesday: Ivan Nova

“You try to get everyone almost equal rest as we move into the second half,” Girardi said before the game. “Seattle has a good number of left-handed hitters, so for CC, we put him there. And everyone gets about eight days. It’s about the same for everybody.”

The Yankees have an off-day on Monday right after the All-Star break, but Girardi said the Yankees could use a sixth starter in order to give Tanaka and another pitcher an extra day off.

“You have to see how he’s [Tanaka] doing and you go from there,” Girardi said.

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12 Responses to Yankees set rotation for second half of the season

  1. Balt Yank says:

    Warren should start and Evoaldi should learn the splitter in the bullpen. Evoaldi is a five-inning pitcher, not good enough.

    • Guest says:

      Sabathia is a bigger problem than Eovaldi. Sabathia should only be pitching to left handers. His splits are so one-sided as to be ridiculous. Sabathia needs to relearn how to pitch to right handers, or not pitch to them at all.
      Based purely on performance, and not for worrying about Warren's, Tanaka's or Nova's innings counts, the rotation should be:

      • YankeezFan says:

        Sabathia's splits for 2nd time through the lineup are batters hitting over .300 and an ops hovering around .900, HOW do you change those kind of sabremetrics in 3 starts? You don't, right handed batters is usually all he sees, and they tatto him 2nd time through the order. The only option he has is to go to the BP, but only if the Yankees want to spend on a rental starter, like Cueto. Hamels would be nice, but way too much to pay, and i don't see any other options at the moment that would dictate a quality player from AAA/AA, but hey what do i know. Hope the Man with all the CA$H knows what he's doing, this year.

  2. YankeezFan says:

    Well if Joe continues to limit the pitch counts for CC and Evoldi, in accordance with taking them out for the 3rd time through the lineup, and Nova cant throw over 90 pitches because he's coming off shoulder surgery, then its going to really tax the bullpen. Tanaka and Pineada better not have an off-night for the last 2 1/2 months. They moved Warren because of his innings limit, so he's probably not an option. I think that the Yankees more than ever need a starter, but what do you do with the rotation if you get one? Probably waive Capuano and move either CC, Nova or Evoldi to the BP. Moving anyone of these will not be an easy decision, and i think the first week after the all-star game will dictate whether the Yankees pursue this line of thinking. The way the present rotation is constituted does not seem to be a rotation that will scare anyone down the stretch. Hopefully the moves the Yankees brass make before July 31, will be the right ones and we can see this team in the playoffs again.

    • Just to point out — Nova had elbow surgery and not shoulder surgery. The big distinction is that shoulder injuries are much, much worse. Nova is pretty likely to be able to make a full comeback. Guys like Pineda are much more rare in that shoulder injuries can usually end a career.

      • YankeezFan says:

        Shoulder, elbow what ever, he was hurt last year and really isn't at full strength, i think that's the point of that part of the post. In case you missed it.

        • It does actually make a huge, huge difference. If it were a shoulder injury there would be a serious risk of a setback which is why you would actually keep him on a strict pitch limit. With the elbow injury, Nova is much more likely to make a full comeback. At this point, he's not a major injury risk and his biggest problem is going to be getting his command back. If he can get that then having him throw 100+ innings isn't necessarily a much different risk than it is with any other pitcher.

          When it comes to planning your rotation, I would say that distinction is not insignificant.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    The hesitate to call for this Yankee MGMT to trade for a rental pitcher as they will probably give away top prospects. That being said, the Yankees cannot afford 3/5 of a 5-inning starting rotation. One aspect of moving Evoldi to the bullpen is to also depress his salary. Right now, Warren and Mitchell are better pitchers. Next year, Severino will be ready. Yanks have some choices to make.

  4. Tony R says:

    Pitching is evolving. With Warren as the long man. Shreve, Wilson, Betances and Miller have done a very good job. Tyler Clippard could replace Capuno or Mitchell and be the last piece of the relief core puzzle. Don't want to let go of key minor leaguers who are 1-2 years away.
    CC is coming around. Eovaldi needs to "evolve" and pitch at least six innings a game and longer. Several of his 9 wins are gifts from the bullpen..

    • YankeezFan says:

      I don't see Tyler as a viable option, hes a short reliever not a long man, which is what Mitchell and Capuano are. Also, Clippard wont come cheep, he's a 8/9th inning guy so there will be a mid to high level prospect i assume to pay. I think the Yankees can find reliever in there own system, or already have the BP in place, i would be more desperate for a starter, and middle infielder that could hit. I don't see Refsynder as an option as he dosn't have the time to show them he can play the position given the deadline.

  5. Guest says:

    The innings limit on Warren and CC's salary are the two big obstacles here. At least it'll keep the playoff race closer. Pineda/Tanaka are great when they're on, and maybe Warren will have enough gas left if the Yankees make the playoffs. Better win the first three games of any series though…
    Then again, Severino could be on the playoff roster if any of the 25-man active roster is injured and he joins the roster before September. So who's going to trip Sabathia or Capuano on their way to the showers?
    My day just got better….

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I think they could put Warren back into the rotation in mid-August and still keep his pitch count down. Really, if the Yankees are playoff bound they will need a starter with legs. Then we have Tanaka, Pineda, Nova / Warren (3/4?) as starters. Not bad. Evoldi & CC in the bullpen or CC off the roster entirely.

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