Andrew Miller chooses a bad time to blow his first save


Before last night’s 16 inning marathon, Andrew Miller had been perfect when it come to save situations. But last night, Miller blew his first save of the 2015 season, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Chase Headley (who was pinch-hitting for Brendan Ryan in the 10th inning) brought in two runs, which would of had the Yankees poised to snap their then three game losing streak. However, Miller gave up two runs in the bottom half of the 10th which meant he did what even the best closers eventually do–he blew a save.

If the Yankees weren’t in dire circumstances such as only being a half game up on the Blue Jays or losing four in a row, the blown save wouldn’t mean much. But Miller, who is usually good at closing the door, couldn’t get the job done and now the Yankees are in danger of falling out of first place after once having a six game lead in the American League East.

“There’s never a good time for it (blowing a save),” Miller said following last night’s 5-4 loss in 16 innings. “But this was an exceptionally bad time for it.”

Miller wasn’t hit particularly hard during his failed save situation, but he took the blame for not being able to shut the door. Miller even went as far as describing the mistakes he made during the at-bats that led to him blowing his first save of the season.

“In a sense, you create your own luck,” he said. “The leadoff infield single stinks, but I had my chances. They hit some really good pitches at the same time. I can be frustrated tonight because it stinks. I put us in a terrible situation. I had a chance to close out the game and I didn’t do it. … We had the game won and I screwed it up.

“Brantley hit the pitch I wanted to throw. In hindsight, the wrong pitch. Gomes got a hit on exactly what I wanted to throw, he just hit it the perfect amount that it just kind of fell in there. … (Brantley)’s a really good hitter. He knows the strike zone so well and he’s got such a good approach, you kind of have to get him out in the strike zone. I got ahead with a breaking ball and tried to throw another one a little bit better and he was ready for it. In hindsight, you throw a fastball in or something, but you can’t really second-guess that all the time.”

Hopefully Andrew Miller got that one blown save out of the way and is ready to go for the rest of the series should the Yankees need him. But in a time where the Yankees can’t make many mistakes, Miller made a big one last night, which added to the Yankees woes in their last 12 games.

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