Does Brian Cashman regret not making a move at the trade deadline?


As the July 31st trade deadline approached, the Yankees for the most part stood pat. Their lone acquisition was Dustin Ackley, who eventually went on the disabled list and while the Yankees were attached to multiple names throughout the deadline, in the end no one seemed to pique their interest. Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays bolstered their team, adding Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, LaTroy Hawkins and Ben Revere, four pieces that were vital when the Blue Jays swept the Yankees at Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

After the Blue Jays swept the Yankees, it left many wondering if the Yankees regret not making a deal before the trade deadline, and many also wonder if Brian Cashman regrets not making a few trades to bolster the Yankees roster.

Since the Blue Jays acquired Troy Tulowitzki, the team is 11-1 and after a brutal weekend for the Yankees, the team is only 1.5 games ahead of the Jays in first place entering play today. And while the Blue Jays have been playing well, the Yankees have been slumping; Alex Rodriguez is 5-for his last-27 and it’s been 11 games since Rodriguez homered. Jacoby Ellsbury, who returned from the disabled list just before the All-Star break, is hitting .191 since last month.

It was quite clear before the trade deadline the Yankees needed at least another arm in the rotation or maybe even another power bat. But since they haven’t made any deals, the Toronto Blue Jays have the Yankees number, and it makes the series at the Rogers Centre this weekend all the more important. If the Yankees are able to extract revenge against the Blue Jays, they’ll regain their decent lead in the standings. If not…, the Yankees might have to shift their focus to going for the Wild Card, which would have been an afterthought exactly one month ago from today.

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16 Responses to Does Brian Cashman regret not making a move at the trade deadline?

  1. Steve says:

    If the Yankees didn't want to part with any future gems that's all fine and dandy! But then bring them up to play and bench some of these over payed over the hill guys that they should of not got! Like elaborate Beltran to name a few! How about judge bird to name a few!

    • hotdog says:

      Cashman has tried out quite a few relievers with not great success…the starting pitchers he's brought up haven't done so well either…Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott become injured…Jacob Lindgren also injured…Refsnyder and Pirela were not hitting…Ramirez was a flop for his short stint and traded…Ramon Flores hit .219 in 12 games as an outfielder with no pop…Greg Bird is a 1st baseman and a DH…you can't move Tex or Arod…other guys have been promoted but were sent down because they didn't catch on…Refsnyder should have been given more time imo but Drew started hitting…it's just not so easy to bring guys up if there's either no room for them or when they get a chance, they don't produce…Cashman won't bring up marginal AAA players and take a job away from a regular…no spot for Bird, Sanchez who is hitting .350 at AAA won't take McCann's job in 2015, Judge is hitting .231 at AAA, in the midst of a 4 for 40 slump…we get to see Severino because he could in fact help the team and there's a spot for him…i wish things were different but there's not much that Cashman can bring up at this point that looks good enough to make the difference…the only guy I see is Refsnyder and the Yankees offense is #2 in the A.L. so Cash isn't worried about scoring runs as has focused on defense…you also want to be careful taking a full time AAA player and giving him a part-time job in the bigs if that player needs to play everyday…

  2. Terry says:

    Wasn't it Cash that said if they showed they could be in the playoff race,he would get them help?Well help.This week ends series will be big for us.Can we counter punch and take two of three?They pushed their chips to the middle of the table with their trade deadline moves and are all in.We need to be.We can say all the right things like there's plenty of games left or it's only three games,but the sense of urgency is here.Our team is built for Yankee Stadium and a wild card spot would be an uphill battle.We need to bounce back now,take it to the Blue Jays this weekend,and get ready for a battle to the season's end.

  3. Nunzio says:

    If the yankees wanted to win it all they would have gotten Donaldson instead of Headley , they would have gotten tulowitski instead of Gregorious , and would have gone for price, let's face it the Yankees are not shy on spending , Cashman sat on his hands and let the Toronto Bluejays put together a team that's the biggest offensive weapon in baseball , all Cashman did was watch and observe , he keeps players like Judge in the minors and plays Beltran a shadow of his past…..the Yankees have kept Cashman around too long it's time to cash out.

    • Dr. Winning says:

      Don't believe it's just Cssh. Hal and Randy Levine hold the purse strings and Hal has admitted he's quite a bit different than the Boss, saying
      he's more of a numbers cruncher and much more conservative. That pretty much tells you all you need to know and it's been playing out
      with the kinds of moves the Yanks have made. Hal needs to go back to his first love, boats and ponies.

    • hotdog says:

      i agree with you Nunzio that Cashman's days should be numbered if the Yankees don't make the playoffs…i like the approach of keeping your top prospects instead of moving them for rentals but i could see Cashman abandoning that philosophy if the Yankees don't make the playoffs again and trading prospects during the winter…i'd like them to make Gary Sanchez untouchable…my question is, can a new Yankee GM actually move this team in the right direction if management undermines his authority…

  4. Balt Yank says:

    Price would be nice but the future would be dimmer. Do the Yankees need to sign another 100 million dollar pitcher? No. The back-end of CC's contract is a killer and Tanaka is a fine 6-inning pitcher worth less than half his salary. Tulo like Ellsbury is injured too often. Ellsbury misses one month, sucks for one month, plays for three months. Keep bringing the kids.

    • hotdog says:

      i could see the Red Sox making a strong run for David Price…i could see Price getting $150-$175M…it may sound like a lot of money for a guy who will be 30 later this month but Scherzer signed a contract at 30 that pays him $30M/year for 7 years…Price won't get that type of contract but he's going to have a huge payday…if the bidding gets heavy, who knows, he could get close to $200M…

  5. Jack says:

    Everyone knows that the Toronto is going for it just the way the Yanks used to! They are an energized ball club and the Yanks no mgmt did nothing for them. Prospects for proven ballplayers always . Bean counter Hal Arrogant Cashman and Clueless Joe have sealed the Yankees fate !

  6. tom says:

    Just save your bitching until Yankees actually are out of playoff picture.

  7. Robert Rufa says:

    The Yankees were riding high at deadline time and Cashman probably figured (incorrectly) that they would coast the rest of the way with how they were constituted. If he refused to give up promising minor league players in order to build for the future, I'm good with that. But I've said all along it's a mistake to get our hopes up every time they win a few in a row. This team is too inconsistent to be a true winner. An entire team's offense doesn't go dormant for several days every so often and wind up in the playoffs. They should have been 3 out of 4 rather than 0 and 4.

    • hotdog says:

      they hit a hot team…Toronto will cool off and I'm hoping the Yankees can put some distance between them…having gotten swept by Toronto at Yankees stadium worries me a little as they are now on a road trip where they won't get any love…i'm hoping the Yankees can find their way to taking the weekend series from Toronto and making a statement…

  8. hotdog says:

    some interesting guys clearing waivers…Cashman still has time to make a move…do we want Shields…

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