Ivan Nova and David Price square off in Game 2


In David Price‘s first start as a Toronto Blue Jay, he stifled the Minnesota Twins lineup and earned the victory, helping the Jays as they currently go for a seven game win streak. In Ivan Nova‘s last start, he baffled the Chicago White Sox, which helped the Yankees pad their lead against their American League East opponents. Today, both Ivan Nova and David Price will square off in Game 2 of this three game set as the Yankees attempt to lengthen their lead in the American League East and Blue Jays attempt to go for a series victory in the Bronx, which would be considered a rare feat since the Jays don’t play well outside their own ballpark.

While the Yankees and David Price have matched up multiple times before, they have a long history together, and that history hasn’t worked in David Price’s favor.

Since 2013, David Price has a 7.59 ERA against the Yankees and coming into today, Price will have to face Jacoby Ellsbury (18-for-51) and Brian McCann (9-for-16) who are both in this afternoon’s lineup against the Blue Jays. Ellsbury is still trying to get back on a roll following his DL stint while Brian McCann recently returned from a slight MCL sprain.

The Yankees would have to win this game if they want to increase their 3.5 lead in the American League East. If not, the Blue Jays could pull closer another game and the American League East could soon turn into a race that could last until the end of September.


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3 Responses to Ivan Nova and David Price square off in Game 2

  1. Nunzio says:

    Joe Girardi is a manager that let's a pitcher aka Nova stay in the game when he had nothing left, my grandson would have taken Nova out of the game, Joe Girardi were you day dreaming nova had nothing left, Girardi should be ashamed of himself , just because he is a major league manager does not make him right , he not Nova but Girardi and Cashman should be let out the door with Girardi, Donaldson was available, tulowitski , price, and the yankees sit on there hands the bluejays just bought there way to the playoffs , sorry to say the yankees with Girardi and Cashman at the helm are lost in space.

    • True yankee fan says:

      I'm with you Nunzio, both of these guys should be shown the door. What has Girardi really done since he took over managing duties? Any one could have managed that 2009 team to a championship. We should have gone with Donnie Baseball over Girardi back then. Cashman is highly overrated as a GM. He gets way too much credit for the 90's championships and the one in 2000. He didn't build those teams, Michel did.

  2. Bossmark says:

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