Luis Severino looking for his first Major League win


In Luis Severino‘s first start in the Major Leagues, he held the Boston Red Sox to just two runs over five innings of work. While Severino’s effort was solid, he came away with the loss. Severino will take the mound tonight at Progressive Field against the Cleveland Indians, but the need for Severino to win will be great, mainly because the Yankees have lost three straight games and the team could surely use a victory.

The offense would have to wake up from their slumber–they haven’t scored a run since Friday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays–but there’s no doubt Luis Severino can keep the Yankees in the game. After all, even the Boston Red Sox were impressed with Severino’s stuff and believe he could be a big-time pitcher in a few years. While no one knows what kind of pitcher Severino will be in a few years, Joe Girardi does know this: now that Severino’s made his Major League debut, things will calm down for him as time goes on.

“It slows down a little bit for them. When you’re making your first start in the big leagues, you probably get a ton of phone calls. People want to join and be a part of it,” Girardi said. “In your excitement over it, you start reminiscing about all the things you’ve been through to get there and how important it is to you. Things kind of slow down a little bit and it’s a more normal week than before the first start.”

After his start against the Boston Red Sox, Severino spent the next day watching tape of his Major League debut. But he was simply watching so he could pinpoint his mistakes and not make them the second time as he prepares to face the Cleveland Indians tonight.

“The next day I watched the video to look at all the mistakes,” Severino said. “I don’t feel like I made that many mistakes, but there were a couple I could have corrected.”

Severino wants to earn his first Major League victory, but the Yankees could use a win as well. The last thing they want to do is end up with a four game losing streak and them potentially losing first place to the surging Blue Jays.


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3 Responses to Luis Severino looking for his first Major League win

  1. tom says:

    Make it a memorable victory, Severino.

  2. Terry says:

    Love this kid!!The victories will come.I think he'll be a touch better this start control wise and that should get him a little deeper-thank God.Through him in with Tanaka,Big Mike,Nate,Adam,Mitchell and the future of the staff looks real good.Can't wait to watch tonight

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