Luis Severino to make Major League debut on Wednesday


On Friday, Brian Cashman announced Luis Severino was going to be called up and placed in the starting rotation. But yesterday, prior to the Yankees 8-2 loss against the Chicago White Sox, the Yankees revealed Luis Severino was slated to pitch on Wednesday against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees haven’t announced if Severino will be on a pitch count, but the strategic timing for Severino to make his debut is perfect; the second game prevent Severino from seeing the Toronto Blue Jays, who come into town for a three game series.

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2 Responses to Luis Severino to make Major League debut on Wednesday

  1. jimmy1982 says:

    Lets hoe fares better than yesterdays pitcher, mitchell, who had nothing on his ball except the comissioners signature. this staff is not inspiring confidence right now: you have sabathia, with his bloated contract, bloated era and well his overall bloatedness. then ther.e's nova and eovaldi, the 5-6 inning specialists. not good

  2. tom says:

    I am sure 85-95 will be the limit on good day. He has full strength for 100 but I don't Girardi will let him ride it out on his MLB debut.

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