Standing pat at the trade deadline is a risk Brian Cashman is willing to take

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Every year, the Yankees usually pull off a deal that leaves every other team in the American League in shock. This year, the Yankees did the same thing, except this time they didn’t make a major deal and decided to stand pat until the trade deadline was over. The only acquisition the Yankees made was infielder Dustin Ackley, who was considered a defensive upgrade to Garrett Jones. But the Yankees didn’t make a major deal, and many were wondering why Brian Cashman didn’t press the proverbial ‘trade button’. It turns out, Cashman wasn’t willing to part with any of his top prospects, which made it hard to get players such as Craig Kimbrel and Aroldis Chapman for their bullpen.

“I didn’t send any false signals out there,” Brian Cashman said following the trade deadline yesterday afternoon. “I made sure that everybody from our fan base to our opposing teams’ GMs as well as you in the media (knew) that this was the game plan we were intending to execute. I was very comfortable trying to execute it. I felt it was the right game plan. If we could operate within that game plan to improve our club, we were all set to go in on that way. It had to be within the structures that we spoke to. We believe these players that we’re holding onto can really benefit the franchise in the near and long term. We’re excited by what our system is providing. At the same time, we’re also simultaneously excited about what the present roster is doing.”

Instead of acquiring a new arm via the trade market, Cashman is going to call up Luis Severino who will make his Major League debut next week against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees not trading Severino and using him as a Major League Starter could be the best move the Yankees make all season, but it also could come with a serious consequence should it not work out.

“There’s risk in throwing some of the young guys in the Atlantic Ocean and saying, ‘Time to swim,’” Cashman said. “But that’s also something we’re not afraid of in some guys’ cases. We do like this team, and we have benefited from the use of a lot of the young guys throughout this season. We still look forward to these guys hopefully contributing to us. We just felt that we are staying the course that we had mapped out with our veterans and our youth, and I approached this deadline with discipline, but also with aggressiveness at the same time. We were willing to do certain things, but we weren’t willing to do certain things at the same time.

Again, with young guys, if you’re right on your assessments, you can have it pay off towards the back end. And we’re hopeful with this next wave of guys that that could be the case, but ultimately the veterans that we currently have that have gotten us this far, and we look forward to those guys, relying on those guys to continue to lead the way. We’ll augment the roster with a lot of these power arms that we have in the system. Some of the offers that were coming our way, I’ll be honest, whether it played out this way or not, I’d rather try relying on the Mitchells and Severinos than bring in somebody that’s got more experience but maybe less ability with more money attached to it. Although (money)’s not necessarily an issue for us, in the assessments, it’s like, you know what, I’d rather go this route with these kids than go do that.”

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5 Responses to Standing pat at the trade deadline is a risk Brian Cashman is willing to take

  1. Terry says:

    Money's not an issue for us?Then why didn't we sign a slam dunk like Max in the off season?I mean if money's not an issue.Getting the pay roll under control is most likely the issue and if we can win while doing it…fine,I'm in.Hope our kids can come through

    • hotdog says:

      I think money is an issue…not sure why exactly as other teams seem to be willing to spend but the Yankees have been caught up with contracts that haven't paid off…i can't say that CC's hasn't…he's been a bulldog and was a huge reason why the Yankees won in 2009 but the length of his contract is hurting the team…who knows what happens with Tanaka but I'm sure the Yankees wish now that they went another route…giving money to pitchers for 7 plus years is risky business…a team can carry a flop or two but the Yankees have been questioning the whole philosophy of these long term commitments…next year they may think otherwise but the Yankees need to find ways to win by working their farm system, which they have, making good trades, and contracts with lengths of 3-4 years…this doesn't exclude a 7 year deal with a superstar but winning is no longer about outbidding the competition and signing all-stars for 7-9 years anymore…

  2. Yankeesfan says:

    The only player that is getting paid 20 mill a year or mor , that is playing half decent is Tex. I belive that McCann is under 20, but still the Yankees are handing out to much money for players that can play… like CC who is getting over 20 mill as well… What a waste. At least Cashman is not trading prospects. Good job Cashman!

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    It is a calculated risk, but in my opinion it's building rather than trading away the future. NY might make the playoffs as they are currently constituted, and that alone would be an improvement over the last two years. Let's take this one step at a time. I'm going to take this one rare occasion to applaud Cash and hope like hell Severino can handle the Show.

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