Waiver Rumors: Yankees are potential candidates for Chase Utley


With the trade deadline behind us, there’s one more date that we have to look forward to: August 31st, which is the waiver deadline. While the Yankees did next to nothing before the trade deadline, they’re beginning to scour the waiver market and the team has been linked to one particular name to play in the infield.

According Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Yankees are potential candidates for Phillies second basemen Chase Utley, who the Yankees could see as a replacement for Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan. They tried trading for a utility player in Dustin Ackley just before the trade deadline, but Ackley ended up on the 15-day DL with a lumbar strain.

Utley just returned from the disabled list after nursing an ankle injury, but he hasn’t been the power bat the Phillies needed. Utley has hit .185/.260/.286 in 67 games this season not to mention he’s 36 years old. The Yankees could use Utley with hopes he gets his power stroke back, but if not…he’d just be another aging bat on the roster…like Carlos Beltran.

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29 Responses to Waiver Rumors: Yankees are potential candidates for Chase Utley

  1. jimmy1982 says:

    Yankeees assraped by jays again; "no cause for concern though" claimed girardi after the game, "with the natural lubrication involved it felt kind of enjoyable."

    • True yankee fan says:

      LOL! You are absolutely right Jimmy. Wish more people would wake up and take notice like yourself

  2. jimmy1982 says:

    Error of cashman's ways beccome clear as yanks get swept and sodomized by jays; girardi likes it.

  3. Nunzio says:

    Joe Girardi kept Ivan Nova in the game when he should have taken him out, Nova had nothing left Girardi left him in an bang , grand slam smoked by Smoake I would love to know what Girardi was thinking , maybe Cashman letting Donalson get away , letting tulowitski get away and letting price get away, maybe they should let Cashman and Girardi go away

  4. Jack says:

    Not to worry, we have all these wonderful prospects! I have said it and will say it again Cashman blew it by not offering anything at the trade deadline for proven ballplayers Hammels Tulo Price etc. He realized it to late and still didn't get Kimbrell . I love the Yanks but as long as the bean counter Hal is in control along with the arrogant Cashman who thinks he can wheel and deal for players without offering any thing decent in return and clueless Joe this is or it and how that team has beewhat you get! A team whose players realize that management has let them down seeing Toronto go for it and be energized by their mgmt. well you do the math. The tradition of the Yanks always going for it is DEAD Hal Cashman Girardi SUCK!!

  5. Terry says:

    Utley is not a good enough upgrade at this point.We need an impact bat not a role the dice player who's probably worse defensively than Drew.No runs in like 26 innings,Utley won't turn that around

  6. Ginger johnny says:

    Gentleman, PLEASE! Yall r writin the team off that is in first place. A series got away from them, yall wanna burn the bullpen in August? Joe has done a great job juggling this roster and pitching staff. Toronto got hot get over it!

    • celerino says:

      Don't worry about it. These are the same people who said the trades for Didi and Eovaldi were so bad and that they shouldn't have let McCarthy go. Every team has a couple of rough patches and this is one of them. They're still in first with the second best record in the league. Other than one pitch to Smoak, the Yankee pitching did very well against Toronto. I'm optimistic about the rest of the seasn.

  7. Mike lefever says:

    Same idiots crying they didn't trade away prospects for aging players are the same idiots that would be crying they traded away their future for older players had they made trades. The team is in first place. Stop crying. Cashman is one of the better gm'sim the game and girardi had a far bette idea of what it takes to win at the major league level than any of you arm chair manager idiots. Give it a rest already.

    • Mike lefever says:

      Whatever douche bag. Lol. You're a typical troll. Rag on management like you know more then them. Go root for another team please.

    • This is a warning to True Yankee Fan. You're comments have been flagrant and getting worse. Opposing viewpoints are welcome here, but there is no reason for cursing and attacks on other commenters. This is your only warning.

  8. joe says:

    Amazing, absolutely amazing reading these comments. Giardi has taken a very mediocre Yankee team and made it not only a contender but a viable team to go to the World Series. An incredibly weak rotation, no hitting from 2nd and short and they are still in first place? Cmon guys Girardi deserves a metal not ridicule

    • hotdog says:

      he's done a great job this year joe…i agree…people just jump all over his blunders which any manager will encounter over 162 games/year…

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I have not read a more true comment. Did Girardi make some questionable moves this week? Yes he did. But overall he has been a wonderful manager for the Yankees. The team last year wasn't supposed to be nowhere near a Wild Card race but Girardi kept them in until the final week of the season. This team shouldn't be in first place right now, but they are. Because Girardi's managing made them contenders. I don't understand the Girardi hate that people have because God knows where this team would be if Girardi wasn't managing.

      • True yankee fan says:

        Maybe they might try something besides waiting for the homerun ball if Girardi wasn't the manager.

      • True yankee fan says:

        The reason this team has done anything all year has nothing to do with that piece of shit Girardi, it has everything to do with the stellar seasons Texeira and A-rod have been having. Take those two out of the equation and this team is sharing the cellar with Boston

        • hotdog says:

          i don't know why you need to call Girardi a "piece of shit", he's been a solid manager and each year has put together an impressive bullpen which includes to his great credit, middle relief…like Delia implied, without Girardi things become worse not better…it's too easy to blame the manager when the team loses 3 in a row and not give him credit for what he's accomplished this year…team chemistry is not a myth and starts with how the manager, manages his players…"you gotta believe" took a mediocre Mets team to game 7 of the 1973 World Series…

  9. hotdog says:

    Utley is batting .185, the Yankees don't need him…Utley would cost the Yankees close to $2mil for 2 months even with the Phillies paying a good portion…if they're just looking for a bat, they should promote Refsnyder and let him play out the season…Ref's defense has shown good improvement and he'll be able to handle 2nd base…by the way, Gary Sanchez is now hitting over .350 at AAA…like Greg C., said, if he's able to stay a catcher, he has the potential of becoming an all-star caliber player…

    • tom says:

      I welcome Utley. He could be an upgrade to Drew. Drew is done. However, I won't be part with top prospect just to beat Cubs. Stick to a mid level prospect.

      For 2 months and post series, Utley may contribute more than what Drew would offer. Take an advantage of that.

      • hotdog says:

        they won't need to move a top prospect, maybe a player to be named later kind of deal…Phillies want to shed salary if possible…

  10. Jon says:

    They should bring up the outfield that is compared to Stanton. Let Ref play second. Forget about Utley and try and get Prado back. Prado played great for the Yankees. He plays good defense and he is a solid hitter. Cashman was dumb for not getting Cueto. Forget about Hamels. Cueto would've been better. And Price said he wants to go be free agent so it was smart not to go all in for him with 3 top prospects. I can't stand the moves Girardi makes but he has done a good job because nobody thought they would be in first place this long. Everybody had them in last place this year.

    • Otto says:

      I agree with Jon. They should bring up Judge, but probably not til September call ups. I also agree give Refsynder a real shot or attempt to bring back Prado. Forget Utley.

      • hotdog says:

        the problem with bringing Judge up is that he's hit a roadblock at AAA and needs to start working through it…he's 4 for his last 40…he needs to get used to the better pitchers at the AAA level…the guy to figure out is Gary Sanchez who is mashing it at AAA…he's not getting a chance in 2015 but if he continues to hit, it's going to be hard to keep him down in 2016…Sanchez will likely be a September call up and get some at bats but he's not stepping into a role this year…

        • Wow. I didn't realize Judge was doing so poorly recently. 4-for-40 is certainly a bad skid. He was hitting well in AAA before that, though, so I'm willing to bet it's just a temporary slump. I hope it's not injury related in some way. The good news is that he's 2-for-his-last-10 including a double and a homer so maybe he's coming out of the funk.

  11. Justin says:

    In the words of Jeter, "every year we don't win the World Series is a failure". Too many people content with just getting by. Nothing else matters in baseball.

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