What are the Yankees plans for Dustin Ackley?

Dustin Ackley

When the Yankees acquired Dustin Ackley before the trade deadline, the fans questioned what the team was planning to do with him considering Joe Girardi and the Yankees had barely given him any playing time over the last three games. The Yankees stuck with Stephen Drew at second base and have played either Carlos Beltran or Chris Young in right field. So why did the Yankees trade for Ackley if they’re not using him right away?

“I think it just gives Joe Girardi more flexibility from the bench,” Brian Cashman said when asked about Ackley’s specific role on the team. “Especially from the defensive side, with at the very least similar offensive production (compared to Garrett Jones) right now, with some upside as well as control years going forward if we so choose. It just gives us a little more flexibility, a little more youth as we move forward. Again, it’ll provide Joe a lot more flexibility and a better defensive profile.”

The Yankees failed to use Dustin Ackley during the three game series against the Chicago White Sox and even had a perfect opportunity yesterday afternoon; Joe Girardi took Carlos Beltran out of the game after scoring nine runs by the fifth inning but Chris Young got the call instead. Ackley seems more likely to have a role down the line, but as Brian Cashman said, Ackley provides the team depth off the bench, and he could be that guy the team uses when there’s a dire defensive situation in the thick of the playoff hunt.

The Yankees and Ackley can still get to know each other, considering Ackley has two years of team control and won’t be a huge investment, but don’t be too surprised if the Yankees don’t use Ackley a lot down the stretch; they’re trying to punch their ticket to the 2015 postseason and need all their regulars to play.

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7 Responses to What are the Yankees plans for Dustin Ackley?

  1. hotdog says:

    Ackley hits roughly the same against righty and lefty hitter…there's no advantage there…and how much importance does Cashman place on the "control years" for a player who has batted .212 this year and has a lifetime average below .250…i don't know much about Ackley, Delia, does he have a strong accurate arm, does he cover ground well in the outfield? he does give the team versatility but I'm not sure I'd like to see him in the lineup…Tex does need breaks here and there, can anyone else play 1st base…the team is gelling and Drew, Gregorius and Headley are finally hitting…a weak .212 hitter at bat doesn't sound good to my ears but if it helps Tex get some needed rest, it could make sense i guess…maybe there's a better option before the September 1st deadline…this pickup was a head scratcher…

    • tom says:

      Simple… He is very much an upgrade to Jones in athleticism and age. He still has a shot to be everyday 2B next season so Yankees may be preparing him back into 2B right now while he is backing up 4th OF and 1B. As of arm strength, we may miss Flores more so that is why Chris Young had the first option at RF.

      Give Ackley a week or so to get into a groove for Girardi. Girardi is one of hardest coaches to make instantly welcome to questionable player(s). If it were Zobrist then Girardi would play him right away.

  2. Celerino says:

    He's the last guy on the bench, just like Jones was. Its not a big deal one way or another. Supposedly they think he can be "fixed" and has upside. If that doesn't pan out, so what. He didn't cost much and they're not relying on him for a big role.

    • hotdog says:

      you never know what a new hitting coach can do and so far our hitting coach is having a good year…maybe he had a part in the decision…this is no big deal in more ways than one…i guess there weren't better options on the trade market…still, when the Yankees were winning championships, they added bench players mid-season who they felt, didn't need to be "fixed", they were just decent bench players…they Yankees should have done better imo but we have a very good team that's winning and I can't fault anyone for that…

  3. DCD says:

    He's just a younger version of Drew & we know he sucks!
    Pentland has worked w him in the past. Obviously to no avail.
    What we needed was pitching still do. Let's get to it Cash!

  4. scooter10 says:

    Has anyone heard if Garrett Jones has passed waivers? Assuming he does, it would be nice if the Yankees could outright him to Scranton as 1B insurance.

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