Yankees fall to Blue Jays 2-0


Well, the Yankees came into this series hoping to take at least two-out of-three against their AL East rivals. Instead the Yankees only scored one run in three games, resulting in a 2-0 loss and being swept by the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

Masahiro Tanaka started the game for the Yankees, giving up two runs on three hits while striking out five in six innings. Adam Warren failed to retire a batter, Justin Wilson pitched 1.1 scoreless inning while inheriting the bases loaded from Warren, Branden Pinder retired a batter and Chasen Shreve pitched 1.1 scoreless innings.

What’s Next?

— The Yankees have the day off tomorrow but they’ll head to Cleveland where they’ll play three games against the Indians on Tuesday night. First pitch is at 7:05 p.m. and the game will air on the YES Network.

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9 Responses to Yankees fall to Blue Jays 2-0

  1. Terry says:

    Too early to push the panic button but the pendulum of momentum has Definately swung.We may be in first by a game and a half but they are 7-2 against us.We play them 10 more times head to head,they know they can beat us.I don't care what you say,the Yanks are looking in the rear view mirror and the objects are much closer than they appear.The good news is :we are still in first and their pitching is over achieving.That should come back to reality soon but no runs for almost three games ain't gonna cut it.We need to get serious and run out the best nine against them period,no platoon if it's not a slam dunk ie someone owns a certain pitcher.They are here riding high,we have to dig on

  2. jimmy1982 says:

    The errors of cashman's ways now bevome painfully evident: his inability to land an ace, his reluctance to part with drew and acquire any second baseman that can actually hit, and the overall heavy dependence on the home run ball have all doomed the yanks.

    • True yankee fan says:

      Couldn't have said it better Jimmy. This team has been streaky offensively all year and their inability to play small ball blows my mind

  3. Jack says:

    Don't worry we have all our prospects and perhaps they will all be good in the future! If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale ! I have stated this before that I would trade prospects for proven major leaguers any time! Cashman held onto all their prospects while trying to obtain good ballplayers eg Hammels Price Tulo Kimbrell Cueto for nothing. The arrogance amazes me At the end Cashman was willing to part with a single a Ss Mateo for Kimbrell and eat the salary of that Padres 2nd basemen and Ithe padres said no! Everyone else was gone and Cashman realized he missed out. Too late!! Toronto went out and gave prospects and got 2 quality players in Price and Tulo! Toronto's team was energized and the Yankee players weren't The Yanks used to go for it every year but no more Rhanks to bean counter Hal arrogant Cashman and clueless Joe the Yanks are in deep trouble and their tradition of going for it every year is dead!

    • True yankee fan says:

      Great thoughts Jack. I love how all the naysayers keep harping on that Price is a rental. Who's to say he doesn't resign with Toronto. If he is energized as an ace/hired gun, they win it all, and he looks around and likes how the team is assembled, I'd venture to bet he'd sign with them.

      • hotdog says:

        he is a rental…he was traded as one…you don't generally go into negotiations putting much value on the fact that once a guy like David Price wins a world series with Toronto, he'll want to stick around because he loves the team…that's assuming way too much…if he sticks with Toronto, it will likely be due to the Blue Jays being the highest bidder…he might get $25M/year but the length of his contract will be a huge determinant as well…Toronto should be smart and lock up Price because they traded away their #1 prospect, and several other very good pitchers, depleting their farm system…they'll need to be the highest bidder regardless of a world series win which right now stands as a 16:1 possibility…if you move too many pieces you have to add via free agency if you want to compete and Toronto can't keep up with the big money teams…they don't have the revenue…Price will be looking for a $200M contract minimum…

        • WyomingGrizFan says:

          I've heard David Price would like to pitch for Joe Maddon again. for all we know Price might just be a Cub next year!

  4. tom says:

    I have heard that Yankees have bat for less than 200 ba in total of 10 games against B-Jays. That is freaking staggering.

  5. jimmy1982 says:

    JuDging by girardis ridiculous mismanagement of pitchers, he doesn'p. he seems to enjoy getting taken deep. and boy did they take him deep over the weekend.t seem to mind getting taken dee

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