Yankees fall to Indians 7-3


The Yankees hoped to bounce back after losing the first game of this four game set against the Cleveland Indians. However, the Yankees were unable to solve Carlos Carrasco, sending them to a 7-3 loss at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

The Yankees first scored in the bottom of the fourth on a RBI single by Greg Bird. In the eighth, Alex Rodriguez hit a RBI single and a run scored on an error off the bat of Bird.

Masahiro Tanaka went six innings, giving up four runs on seven hits and striking out three. Chasen Shreve pitched a scoreless inning, Nick Rumbelow pitched a scoreless inning and Justin Wilson gave up three runs on four hits in an inning of work.

What’s Next?

— The Yankees return to the stadium tomorrow where they’ll honor Jorge Posada prior to the game. Then Luis Severino will take the mound, hoping to give the Yankees a win. First pitch is at 1:05 p.m. and the game will air on the YES Network.

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5 Responses to Yankees fall to Indians 7-3

  1. YankeezFan says:

    Yankees are really a pathetic team, and will probably lose first place to Toronto by the weekend and then find themselves in third place by the first week of September. I doubt this team will be anywhere near the top of the division lead, and will probably be 4 games out of the last wildcard by Sept 15th. Hal and Hank only want this team to be competitive until Sept 15 so they can milk the ratings as much as they can. We still are using a .190 2nd baseman in our lineup, and we sit Ellsbury and put in Young against a righty, oh… and lets put in right handed Ryan instead of Left handed Didi. WHY??? this lineup makes absolutely no sense…… good bye playoffs…. hello NFL… time to watch something else.

  2. Nunzio says:

    Tex should take off for the entire rest of season,bone bruise keeps him out of lineup at crunch time , now that is real pathetic , there are people going to construction jobs all banged up and never complain, climbing steel, running up and down ladders carring heavy pipes for nothing compared to what tex makes, keep him out we may have a Wally pipp and Lou Gehrig all over again, so Tex nurse your bruise bone you have no sympathy from the people that build America because we go to work with broken toes and bad backs

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    Seems like every loss following a win streak is the start of a losing streak. The mark of a winning team is the ability to bounce back from a loss. The Yankees haven't shown they have that. It's a mistake to get excited about this team.

    Meanwhile, pitchers need to start each game with the mindset that they'd better pitch a shutout because too often their offense can't be depended upon to give them much to work with.

    • It's weird how our perceptions play tricks on our minds. The real mark of a winning team is their record, and the Yankees have the 2nd best record in the AL. As far as pitcher's mindsets, maybe it feels like they need to pitch a shutout to win, but they've scored the 2nd most runs in baseball.

      So if your perception is that the Yankees aren't a winning team and their pitchers have to toss a shutout just to win — imagine how fans of the rest of baseball feel.

    • hotdog says:

      the last few weeks have been a disappointment without a doubt…hopefully they can get back to winning again…they are certainly capable of that…we could use Arod's bat which seems to ignite the team…the guy is a gamer but i'm not sure if he is just tired and worn down by the season…not a young man anymore even with his DH role keeping him off the field…i'd rest him quite a bit…

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