Yankees hope to bounce back after awful series vs. Blue Jays


Everything that went wrong for the Yankees over the weekend in their series against the Toronto Blue Jays, did go wrong. Not only did they get swept in a three game series but the Jays once again made the A.L. East into a tight division race, with the Yankees now holding onto their first place lead by 1.5 games entering play today. The Yankees have a tough schedule ahead of them; they play three games against the Cleveland Indians starting tomorrow night and then they head to Toronto to face the Blue Jays in a three game series. But entering the series against the Indians, the Yankees are just hoping to get some runs across the board.

“Offenses go through this. Every offense is going to go through this from time to time,” Joe Girardi following yesterday’s 2-0 loss regarding the absent offense. “We have a good offense. We just struggled this weekend for whatever reason.

“You’re going to go through some good times and bad times, and you’ve just got to come back and play well. When we go to Cleveland, we go from there. It’s not our first three-game losing streak of the year, I don’t think, so we’ve got to bounce back.”

The Yankees were only able to get one run in three games against the Blue Jays. In fact their only run came on Friday following a home run by Mark Teixeira. Brett Gardner, who was assaulted with a baseball Sunday afternoon following a Jose Bautista home run which may or may not have to do with the Yankees losing three in a row, spoke to the Yankees media about not doing his job–getting on base for the middle of the order to drive him in.

“We’re in the top of the order for a reason: Get on base and set the table for the big guys,” Gardner said. “Give them RBI opportunities. Jacoby [Ellsbury] and I, the last few days … we didn’t necessarily do a real good job getting on base in the top of the order, so it’s definitely frustrating for us. I can’t speak for him, but I know we take a lot of pride in what we do.”

But if you think the Yankees are about to crack under pressure, think again. Alex Rodriguez said the Yankees aren’t panicking and the fans shouldn’t either,

“We definitely took a punch this weekend,” Rodriguez said. “and good teams punch back.

“There’s no time to panic for us. We’ve had a very good season, so far. We’re in first place for a reason. We like our team. We trust our team.”

The Yankees have a tough road trip ahead of them which means the team needs to turn things around if they still plan on winning the division. But with the Blue Jays right on their tail, the American League East division just became interesting.

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11 Responses to Yankees hope to bounce back after awful series vs. Blue Jays

  1. True yankee fan says:

    Good offense?! Try more like inconsistent and streaky…. Girardi is an asswipe

    • Second best in baseball behind only the Blue Jays…Some people will never be happy.

      • Otto says:

        Exactly, I believe the Yankees have beat expectations this year. No one thought the Yankees would be in first place this far in the season. I think Cashman has done was questionable things in the past, but this time I agree do not destoy the future on players that only might be rentals. Remember they did the same thing with Johan Santana. They past signed CC at the winter meetings along with Tex and won the world series. I applaud they for not taking on some more bad contracts. They have two years to get rid of the bad ones they have right now.

        • hotdog says:

          they have too good a system to give away their top prospects for a rental…i agree, I didn't think the Yankees would be as competitive this year…they've overachieved…

  2. Scott says:

    The true Yankees fan is the asswipe. Yea it's joes fault nobody hit this series . When they scored 90 in ten games he wa a genius right ?

    • Name calling isn't necessary. This is not the 2nd grade.

      • Robert Rufa says:

        I agree. I prefer a place where grownups talk baseball. Save the trash talk for a Yahoo board.

        • hotdog says:

          I think he's talking not about Yankee fans in general but someone that goes by the name "true Yankees fan" who likes to tell people they don't know shit and complaining that Girardi is a "shit" manager…if you have a guy running his mouth, sometimes you get a response…these boards should be cleared of those people and I agree Robert, they have other options besides making a stink on Rob's, Delia's and Greg's hard work here not to mention, inciting regulars…i've left boards when they turn into trash talking nonsense…i saw a new person at BBD post a comment the other night, the guy I'm speaking about said, "you don't know shit"…how do we get new contributors at BBD if this guy TYF keeps running his mouth…

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    The old saying that "Good pitching beats good hitting" is true–and it embarrasses mediocre hitting. NY won't fare well if it can't hit against top-notch pitchers.

  4. Michael R says:

    Would definitely agree that the Yanks have over achieved to this point. Every team suffers through some losings periods. As Arod said, the good teams bounce back. Time will tell, but it's way too early to panic.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Yankees have overachieved. Good pitching does beat good hitting. Ellsbury is in a slump at the top of the order.

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