CC Sabathia prepares for Subway Series showdown with Matt Harvey


In the past whenever CC Sabathia took the mound, all eyes were on him with hopes he would send the Yankees to a win over their opponent. However, this isn’t the case tonight. Instead of all eyes being on Sabathia, all eyes will be on Matt Harvey, who will only go about five to six innings after Scott Boras insisted to the Mets front office that he had an innings limit. Sabathia doesn’t mind not being the complete center of attention in terms of a pitching matchup. But he will still be in the middle of it all as the game will air on ESPN as part of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball series.

“I’m excited,” Sabathia said after yesterday’s 5-0 win against the Mets at Citi Field. “Sunday Night Baseball. Yankees-Mets. We’ll see what happens.”

Sabathia has earned enough hype that he’ll pitch a good game against the Mets; he kept the Tampa Bay Rays off the board in his last start. And with the new knee brace he was given to wear which doesn’t limit how he pitches, he expects to have the same luck against the Mets tonight.

“The brace just lets me let it go,” Sabathia said. “And I don’t have to worry about swelling, or the next pitch will it (be hurt again), or anything like that. Just gives me the confidence to go out, get on my front side and let the ball go.”

Following a Blue Jays loss yesterday evening, the Yankees are now 3.5 games behind the Blue Jays. And if the Yankees defeat the Mets tonight, the Jays and Yankees will be at least three games apart as they get ready for their final series of the regular season. Sabathia feels the Yankees have a good chance of taking the division, but it all depends on if the Blue Jays lose and if Sabathia can get the win tonight.

“Everything is in our lap,” he said.


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5 Responses to CC Sabathia prepares for Subway Series showdown with Matt Harvey

  1. Nunzio says:

    CC Sabathia can say what he wants on catching the Bluejays but truth be told the Bluejays will come down on him so hard he will not know what hit him. Best scenario is pitch him for 3 innings that's it, he zones his pitches over the plate too often and with the blue jay power hitters your down 6-0 before you know it

  2. tom says:

    Just rile up Harvey's pitch count. Yankees have a good chance to win this freaking series.

  3. Terry says:

    Most of the season I have not been a CC fan because of his struggles.He just seemed to be the same old CC of the two previous seasons.But the last three starts or so he's looked a lot better.The Mets are not the Jays line up so we got a shot.If his command can stay on and he can stay away from that dreaded big inning,it's all we can ask.Can the offense put up numbers?Five seems to be good for us,if we can get there.Need the W heading into Toronto.I can't believe I'll be rooting for the Red Sox today.

  4. Jimmy1982 says:

    Man the giants suck. They have just enough of that special something that it takes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, whether its rainman ely rearing his head at the worst possible time, or the defense getting torched at the biggest moment. They just know how to lose.

  5. David K. says:

    Anything can happen, but I see CC getting bombed. Our hitters will get maybe one hit through 7 innings. Can't wait to see Stephen Drew back in the lineup. Don't you think it's strange that all season Stephen Drew has played 2nd base, now he is on the bench with two weeks left in the season? WTH, Girardi, put Drew back in there. We all know he's the best player in baseball since Ken Griffey, Jr.

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