What do we know about the Wild Card roster?


Joe Girardi told the media he wasn’t going to give the Wild Card roster out until today, but from other bits and pieces, here’s a good idea as to who didn’t make the roster.

Stephen Drew returned to the Yankees yesterday, but he’s not going to be on the Wild Card roster. The Yankees expect Drew will be done for the season.

Caleb Cotham, Nick Rumbelow, Nick Goody, Branden Pinder and Chris Martin also didn’t make the Wild Card roster. Cotham, Rumbelow and Pinder are headed to Tampa to prepare for a postseason series should the Yankees win tonight. Goody and Martin cleaned their lockers so it’s possible they won’t be available for the postseason at all.

Chris Capuano, to no one’s surprise, didn’t make the roster–but he’s staying with the team during the Wild Card game.

Chasen Shreve also said he didn’t make the Wild Card roster.

Michael Pineda most likely won’t be on the Wild Card roster, since he pitched on Sunday.

Slade Heathcott and Rico Noel hinted they would be on the Wild Card roster as a pinch running option, but also didn’t confirm it.

Adam Warren will be in the bullpen for the Wild Card game. It gives the Yankees an extra arm to help Dellin Betances, Justin Wilson and Andrew Miller.

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5 Responses to What do we know about the Wild Card roster?

  1. Nunzio says:

    This season was wild enough,yankees did Make the wild card but could have been much better if Cashman would have made the moves the Bluejays made…..what was disappointing was Cashman sat on his hands and Toronto went shopping,that is very un Yankee like and here we are one game at the brink of elimination, a GM'S job is to make your team better Cashman new what was out there and did nothing .

  2. Jerry says:

    Yes we should have traded Severino, Bird and Judge. Come on.

    • Jason says:

      There were other deals to be had using other chips. Toronto dealt more than just their top 3 to load up. Bottom line is this is Cashman's mess. They overachieved this year and he decided not to reinforce it or be creative and build from strength. Until cc text arod and other $$$$ is cleared this will be the best we can hope for..an overscheiving WC team

      • Celerino says:

        The bottom line is that he made some shrewd moves and we have a much better team than a year ago, with a much brighter future. Eovaldi was a good deal. Didi turned out to be an absolute steal. He got Wilson, a critical part of the bullpen, in exchange for our third string catcher (Sorry Robert Ruffa, but that's what Cervelli would be if he was still here). And he knew enough not to throw $50 million at Brandon McCarthy. And he kept Bird, Severino, and Refsnyder, who are key parts for right now, as well as a bright future. As for July acquisitions, Ackley turned out to be much better than Tulo.

  3. Dago Red says:

    When I saw the YANKEES sit tight allowing the blue jays to load up, my first thought was, with the large contracts still on the board were the YANKEES going to sit still? Made me wonder did management tell cashman to hold the payroll down, knowing full well if the old man was still alive the spending did not matter. Wonder if when they signed Jacoby Ellsbury, were they denying the red sox from signing him? Do believe that Ellsbury was not worth the amount that the contract called for. I do like the idea that they have kept the kids on the farm, look what the core four did for years. Do believe that next year will be more of the same, the aged players will be a year older, yet the money will still be due! They need to trade for starting pitchers, by giving up, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova. Why continue to use Adam Warren in the pen? GET RID OF STEVEN DREW!!!!

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