40-Man Roster Moves: Bailey, Campos, Martin and more


Here are a few 40-man roster moves the Yankees made this afternoon, which pretty much caps off what’s been a busy day for them.

— The Yankees have added RHP Vicente Campos to the 40-man roster. Campos was taken off the roster last winter after he was injured, but the main reason they added him was to prevent him from entering free agency. They also view him as a low risk, high reward deal.

— RHP Chris Martin has sung his last tune with the Yankees; Martin signed a one-year contract with the Nippon Ham Fighters of Japan. While there were moments that Martin seemed like a promising option for the Yankees, he just couldn’t get the job done, which ended his brief career with the Yankees. Well, it was fun using the nickname ‘Coldplay’ while it lasted.

— After declining to pick up LHP Andrew Bailey‘s option, Bailey has elected free agency which means he’ll test the waters as he prepares for a comeback season. If Bailey had stayed with the team, he would have been in Triple-A to start the 2016 season.

— The Yankees have reinstated RHP Domingo German, LHP Jacob Lindgren, RHP Chase Whitley and OF Mason Williams from the 60-day disabled list.

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13 Responses to 40-Man Roster Moves: Bailey, Campos, Martin and more

  1. Rudy k. says:

    Brain cashmen is go cheap again. Sign. Over. The hill .garbage. and try. To get. Lucky. Just like this. Summer it wa . Very. Ugly.

  2. tom says:

    Romine is still alive? Surprising Surprising.

    • hotdog says:

      maybe they're setting up to trade Gary Sanchez this off-season…

      • tom says:

        I just finished watching Scorpion. This definitely is funnier than Happy's two jokes. LOL.

        Yankees have until Nov 20 to adjust the 40 man roster as they currently hold 39 players on the paper.

        I read somewhere Yankees get 750k for sending Chris Martin? Holy Crap! Maybe it is yen or whatever they are over there.

      • Terry says:

        Sanchez is the one top prospect that could go.His stock seems to go up' down and right now it's sky high

        • tom says:

          Unless signing a veteran HL (heart of the lineup) hitter, Sanchez isn't going anywhere. Not even for another Montero for Pineda swap.

          • hotdog says:

            I'd like to think so but Sanchez may be more of a head case…

          • tom says:

            That is another reason Yankees will have a hard time to trade him away. Catcher with poor attitude is a bad sell. Hopefully, a team will take him and convert him to 1B.

  3. Paul says:

    Take a good look at this roster what do you see? I see a collection of ball players that are old ..with contracts pending that are prohibiting these young players from moving up. I see a once proud franchise that's lost its swagger. There is going to years of pain..I don't understand why Cashman for 3 years has bought a collection of players at the Dollar Store? What's the plan? I think we need a new GM
    .. A new manager.. But most of all a GM that will dismantle this team of mistakes without forfeiting the farm.. This Franchise can afford to reconstruct this team.. Everybody would agree we all wanted Tanaka.. But the bottom line he needs TJ surgery.. Gardner should have not been given that contract.. Headley is a bust.. Ellsbury who knows.. Beltran too old.. CC has been done for 3 years.. Should have let him opt out..just like ARod.. Everybody seams to forget what ARod put the Yankees through.. Hitting 30 home runs makes it all ok? We need someone to lead us back to the promise land! It's not Cashman!

    • YankeezFan says:

      Interesting how some peoples perspective differ… I see a team that won 87 games made the playoffs with 1 of their best players missing the last month and 1/2 and 3 of their top 5 hitters barely hitting over .200 in the last 2 months of the season and 1 of their best starters go down as well. Know what else i saw, a promising young 1st baseman, that will start 2016 in AAA, a young dynamo starter that looks like he's the real deal, and a bullpen that had 3 and sometimes 4 players carry this team to their record. I also see a team that has 4 young starting pitchers that although erratic at times looked like they had potential to carry the team to the AL East title, if it wasn't for the collapse of the Tigers…. Yep, you read that right, the Tigers. Making Price available solved most of the BlewJay problems. We did more than anyone expected, if we get help at 2nd base, corner infield backup and bullpen support i think this team has no problem returning to the playoffs and maybe even winning the Division. Its too early to start panicking… hell we dont even know who's on the roster yet. I give Cashman a D- for the the offseason in 2014, but last year was more of a C+, lets just see what we have this year before we start firing people.

      • hotdog says:

        i think a lot of the frustration comes from how the team played the last 2 months including the final 2 weeks of the season…87 wins is pretty good but the Yankees played under .500 the last 2 months…the question remains whether that carries over to 2016…personally, as long as they are rebuilding in a smart way, i don't care…i can wait…

  4. Kevin S says:

    I see Yanks moving in the right direction. We were running on fumes at the end, partly due to injuries and partly due to poor starting pitching which wore on the bullpen. I dont see four good young pitchers, Severino and Eovaldi looked very good, Tanaka pitched fairly well, Pineda fell apart, and Nova was awful. Cashman made some brilliant trades last offseason and I imagine he will again. We could use a reliable left handed starter but already have too many so we'll see.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I think the posters blaming Cashman for not spending enough are the same reason Cashman wasted money on Ellsbury, McCann, and Beltran. That's a lot of money to spend on one semi-success, McCann, who calls pitches, fields and hits homers but hits 230. Cashman needs to sign a RH bullpen arm and trade for Prado. If the Yankees sign a good starting pitcher as is rumored here, then trade one or more of Pineda, Eovaldi, Nova for prospects. The rotation should be Severino, Tanaka, Warren, Free Agent, ______ (Pineda, Eovaldi, Nova, CC). Maybe Pineda can pitch from the bullpen and not get hurt?

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