Are the Yankees serious about dealing Gardner and Miller?


It’s no secret the 2015 free agent market is thin, and the Yankees have a few holes to fill. And two of the main names that have been involved in trade discussions are closer Andrew Miller and outfielder Brett Gardner. In fact, there had been so much chatter that there have been trade rumors regarding the two players over the last few weeks. The Yankees are serious about acquiring starting pitching and improving their infield, but are they serious about dealing away two of their best players in order to do so? The two players aren’t actively on the trade market but they have been drawing interest from other teams. But there has been so much clamor around Gardner and Miller, you wonder whether Cashman is serious or if this is simply a diversion for another move.

The way Brian Cashman operates is he usually makes deals and trades out of nowhere and never announces his deals beforehand. No one expected the John Ryan Murphy / Aaron Hicks trade, no one expected the Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran signings and no one expected the David Phelps, Martin Prado / Nathan Eovaldi trade. There wasn’t even that much noise surrounding the Didi Gregorius three-way trade which involved a multitude of players. The only player that comes to mind that made a huge buzz in the last few years was Masahiro Tanaka, but that was because Tanaka was a hot pitching commodity coming from Japan.

For there to be so much buzz around Gardner and Miller makes me wonder what are the Yankees real intentions. It doesn’t make sense for the Yankees to actively announce their motives and they haven’t announced their motives prior to a trade since the “George Steinbrenner Era”. Maybe there’s truth to the Yankees trying to part with Gardner and / or Miller due to their trade value and the Yankees trying to stay below payroll. But a huge part of me believes the Yankees are planning something different, and in the meantime are using Gardner and Miller as merely a diversion.

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  1. hotdog says:

    I'd like to think they're planning something different Delia…unless they want to get under the threshold to avoid the penalty, they should be thinking about acquiring an ace…money will be off the books after the 2016 season and they'll just have one season where the payroll is higher…i would not go after Greinke but I like Price or Zimmerman…maybe we win a one game playoff and have a better chance at getting another title with an ace…if we're in on an ace, I would also go after O'Day…wasn't that long ago when the Yankees would make these moves…

    • To sign a Price or Zimmerman to win a one game playoff is ridiculous. If you are going to go after an expensive FA it MUST be to get into the World Series. Why even consider O'Day until you move Miller? Start the wheel of progress by trading Gardner and then explore other options.

      • hotdog says:

        you might have to win a one game playoff to eventually get to the world series…it's been done before…at any rate, the team needs to have a good balance between free agent signings and young players to field a championship caliber team…they aren't there yet and it will take time…no one buys a free agent with the thought of valuing them exclusively for the potential of one game playoff…no one with a smidgen of common sense would consider it BUT having an ace available for that game might get you to the next…

        • otto says:

          I know it will not happen, but I would love to see them move Ellsbiry by eating some of his contract. I am not sure who would take a chance. If they were going to move somebody they should move him. I know it will not happen.

    • mosc says:

      Zimmerman or Heyward. How can anybody not answer Heyward?

  2. Michael R says:

    I'd like to see Gardner dealt for a right handed bat. I'd keep Miller, but I can certainly understand the need for a top of the line starter who is durable. That's the only way I would include Miller.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Yankees already said Gardner's not going anywhere in exchange for a hitter. If they were going to trade him, it'd be for a starter only.

      • mosc says:

        yanks haven't said that, some inside source who talked to somebody who got word of something said that. They don't have room anywhere but second and even there the trade would probably have to include Refsnyder/Mateo in one way or another (say for Baez). I think the yanks would have traded Gardner for Kimbrel too, not that that's possible anymore but he wasn't a starter.

    • YankeezFan says:

      We keep hearing that the Yankees wont trade Gardner for a position player only a starter, but if the Yankees wanted a starter for their lineup, who was a front end guy, just go get one from the FA's out there. Don't give up your best trade chip when all it will cost you is money, or are the Yankees now copying the Mets and want to stay below 100M$?

  3. YankeezFan says:

    I really don't see how you can say the Free Agent market in 2015 is THIN….. You have potentially 4 All-Star/Cy Young pitchers in (Price, Zimmerman, Cueto, Grienke) add to that probably 8 front end starters in Gallardo, Chen, Lackey, Kazmir, Fister, Young, Iwakuma, Samardzija). The reliever market is also strong, although there are limited options with the closers in that market. The position players might be a little thin, but you still have great or good options at each position, and that dosn't include any of the international FA's out there still. You want to see a thin market…. Wait until next year. If the Yankees dont do anything this year in FA market then next year they will pay too much for anything thats in that market. They have to improve their team this year, not next., and that should come in the form of a FA signing, so lets hope your right and they're trying to pull a rabbit outta the hat, and have our attention diverted elsewhere.

    • mosc says:

      Strasburg and Brett Anderson could both have big 2016's and be 100M+ free agent signings next offseason. I also wouldn't bet against Edison Volquez if he repeats his 2015 peformance who'd be a year older than Greinke is now. There's also lots of trade opportunities and even some possibilities from Japan. I don't think many thought Kazmir would be in your 2016 list but there he is. Could be lots of other potential guys in that role next offseason.

  4. arkaburger says:

    As far as I can tell all of the "Yankees Shopping Gardner and Miller" rumors are coming from sportswriters/bloggers who repeat what someo other writer/blogger wrote based on a rumor from a third person who overheard his cousin's barber's girlfriend who walks Brian Cashman's neighbor's dog say something.
    I agree, whatever the Yankees actually do will come with little to no warning and will probably not resemble any rumor published online.

  5. Mickeyd7 says:

    The Yankees are going to acquire a SP. The only question is who will it be? They could sign price and move on but I doubt this will happen. My strategies would be to package Gardner, and Nova and go after a number 2 SP or sign a Free Agent SP like Chen and keep Nova and Gardner.

    • hotdog says:

      i don't think Gardner and Nova would bring in a #2 pitcher…most teams want to keep those guys unless they are overhauling or have a great need elsewhere… and if so, they probably wouldn't want Gardner and Nova in trade…they'd be more interested in our younger players and prospects…i like your idea about Chen…he wouldn't come cheap but considerably less expensive than a guy like David Price…

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