Preparing for the Winter Meetings


Next week is practically Christmas to the General Manager of any baseball team; the Winter Meetings will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from December 6 to 10 and this is where many expect the free agent ball will start rolling. The Yankees have done next to nothing prior to the Winter Meetings, the only acquisitions being Aaron Hicks and Ronald Herrera, with only one of them showing promise as a Major Leaguer in 2016. The Yankees have time to decide what’s their approach going into the Winter Meetings, whether it’d be signing from the free agent market or trading away one of their own to acquire a necessary part.

But will Brian Cashman…

Trade for a player during the Winter Meetings?

Around the Winter Meetings last year, Cashman pulled the trigger and mastered a three team trade between the Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks. The Yankees sent Shane Greene to the Tigers and the Diamondbacks sent Didi Gregorius to the Yankees. This winter, the Yankees have a few key pieces that they could trade away, but one name that constantly pops up during every Winter Meeting is outfielder Brett Gardner. And while there have been numerous rumors surrounding Gardner in the past, the Yankees took that opportunity to start piecing together a four-year extension. However, Cashman has said everyone is on the market, so don’t be surprised to hear everyone’s name pop up in trade rumors.

Or will he sign a player via Free Agency?

The Yankees have been known to make splashy free agent signings and they didn’t disappoint years ago when they acquired Jacoby Ellsbury during the 2013 Winter Meetings. There have been very few players that would actually fit the Yankees needs; Darren O’Day for the bullpen and Ben Zobrist for the infield are a few examples. The Yankees claim they’re pretty much out of the free agent market, but everyone knows the Yankees are going to strike. It’s just a matter of when. Perhaps next week in Nashville?

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7 Responses to Preparing for the Winter Meetings

  1. There striking days are over! !!!

    • Terry says:

      It does have that uneasy feeling of last year's off season all over again.One decent move or two and done.Nothing really impactful,we need something a little bigger

  2. hotdog says:

    If the plan is to develop a young core then I'm all in but I would prefer talented prospects, top 25 guys if possible instead of the Aaron Hicks of the world…i'd prefer more upside but is Gardner worth a top 10 prospect, certainly Nova isn't…i'd make sure to pay whatever it takes to bring in the best scouts in baseball, international scouting as well…we need guys with good eyes for talent…

    • Aaron Hicks has a ton of upside. He was ranked as high as 19th best prospect in all of baseball at one point and is still just 26. These are the exact type of players the Yankees should go after. Paid off when they got Didi a year ago.

  3. Olie says:

    Could pay off with Ackley as well,2nd over all draft pick!

  4. YankeezFan says:

    I don't even know why Ca$hman is going to these meetings… maybe to get reacquainted with some old friends and have a brewski or two. I don't think he will do much at these meetings. But if he does do something, i hope he doesn't sign an albatross like Ellsbury, McCann or Beltran like he did 2 yrs ago.

    • mosc says:

      I am ashamed to be associated with a fanbase that continually says things like this. Particularly about McCann. I hope you give up and become a mets fan.

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