Red Sox improve pen by acquiring Craig Kimbrel from Padres


Just before the trade deadline, the Yankees tried to acquire Craig Kimbrel from the San Diego Padres and were even willing to throw in Jorge Mateo before both sides ultimately couldn’t make the deal. However, the Yankees will now have to face Craig Kimbrel approximately 19 times a year as the Boston Red Sox pulled the trigger and acquired one of the best closers in baseball.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Red Sox and the San Diego Padres pulled off a five-player blockbuster trade, which resulted in the Padres loading up their farm system and the Red Sox getting an elite closer they can control until 2018. Here’s where all the pieces went in the Kimbrel trade:

Red Sox Acquire: closer Craig Kimbrel
Padres Acquire: OF Manuel Margot, LHP Logan Allen, INF Javier Guerra, INF Carlos Asuaje

Now, the Red Sox acquiring Kimbrel affects the Yankees in a few ways. The bullpen was a glaring weak spot and Kimbrel would have bolstered the pen and given Joe Girardi a reliable option to go to in the late innings. But, in the end it’s not a big deal that the Yankees didn’t get Kimbrel. They already have an elite closer in Andrew Miller, and acquiring Kimbrel would have cost the Yankees some of their top prospects, possibly Luis Severino, maybe Gregory Bird or Jorge Mateo.

Brian Cashman’s ‘sitting and waiting’ technique has for the most part worked every offseason, and Cashman might be waiting for other teams to make a move before he makes one of his own. He just has to cross Kimbrel’s name off the ‘trade list’.

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16 Responses to Red Sox improve pen by acquiring Craig Kimbrel from Padres

  1. Terry says:

    I think the bigger deal is the Sox getting better with Kimbrell,not us losing in on him.I'm not a fan of sitting and waiting.Another term for it is actually doing nothing.It's his job to make the Yankees a contender.Not wait out their bad contracts.This off season is starting to look like the last one and the trade deadline.Steal a decent young player but not turn our weaknesses into strengths.Cash, don't leave us hangin'

    • Rudy k. says:

      I think you hit it right on spot about cashmen he trying to everything the cheapest way. Possible just what you said to keep us hanging very angry .!!!!

    • Celerino says:

      Other teams are allowed to make trades too. We already have a deep bullpen and are improving in areas where we need to improve.

  2. Jim WILK says:

    The Yankees are a contender and they have a closer in fact they have two. Go back to sleep and stop pretending you know baseball

  3. hotdog says:

    Excellent deal for the Red Sox…they filled a big hole for the next 3 years and didn't give up much…Manuel Margot and Javier Guerra are better than average prospects but the Sox have outfielders and they won't need another shortstop for quite a while…Pads got some guys with potential but none of those prospects traded are elite…Pads should have grabbed Mateo when they had a chance…he's got greater potential than any of them…hope the Yankees watch Mateo in AA next year and AAA in 2017…we could have a great team filled with young players by 2018 with the addition of a couple of big name free agents…they still have the players to make it into the playoffs and win against the odds but this team should be a serious world series contender in 2-3 years…

  4. Paul says:

    Next time I go to Stadium.. I will look for Contender flags flying.. All Cashman has been doing lately is keeping the Yankees just good enough to keep suckers like me to pay exorbitant prices hoping we'll win … After watching the Royals in the series for two years.. That's a well constructed team of young talent and veterans.. Sorry Drew.. Ryan..Ackley..Beltran..Headley..Roberts..Hicks for Murphy are or championship moves..I'd like to see Cashman and Girardi gone.. They've both overstayed their welcome.. We need fresh ideas and changes in the organization!

    • Celerino says:

      You need to become a Met fan for a few years. It'll be fun. They are going to be good for a while. You'll see that their team was built right, on a core of young home grown players and few few shrewd trades and signings. The bad part is that they aren't going to have a 200 million payroll like the Yankees, so when they need to rebuild, they're going to suck for ten years while it happens. Or you can be patient with the Yanks. The homegrown stars are starting to come up. Beatniks, Bird, Severino. Shrewd trades for Gregarious, Eovaldi and Wilson. Your call, but I like the Yankee way better.

    • mosc says:

      Cashmen's kept the team over .500 since… since Donnie baseball hit baseballs. He's also started to change with the times and mix in the new with the old. Just ridiculous fans yelling at the architect of the 2009 world series champion yankees as a has-been. The NYY won't win a quarter of the WS games anymore because they don't have 25% of the league's payroll costs anymore. They're not even the top spenders in the league! 1 in 10 is a much more reasonable expectation and still being rather cocky considering it's a 30-team league.

      Girardi doesn't hit baseballs. What he does do on a daily basis is manage the bullpen. If you actually research ANYTHING about bullpen utilization and the concept of leverage, you'd find that Girardi is routinely THE BEST manager in baseball at it.

  5. jimmy1982 says:

    the play that would've been beyond "ninja" for cashman and, personally, i would've liked to seen just from a chess standpoint is this (and it was mentioned in passing a few times): flip miller at the zenith of his trade value after the year he just had for whatever insert need here 2b, starting pitcher, prospects etc. THEN replace him with a kimbrel or chapman. you've kept the back end of your bullpen elite, and at the same time, filled an area of need by maximizing a player at his peak trade value. for a moment, i was excited. but as it turns out, for only a moment…….

  6. Jack says:

    Same old same old Yanks get 2 maybes and Sox get a proven star. Cashman is doing same as last year and if they don't improve team Yanks will not make playoffs period!!!

    • mosc says:

      Hopefully not same-old. We keep our prospects, Boston looses theirs. Trading away talent is probably the #1 reason the Red sox have 3x as many rings since 2000 as the yankees do.

      And for a highly paid player from arguably the game's most over-paid (compared to on-field value) position? This trade is a WIN for the yankees long-term having to face a weaker Boston IMHO. That's a lot of money over the next 3 years boston can't spend on other free agents and a lot of talent that's now a world away in the NL west…

  7. hotdog says:

    I think Cashman will make a couple more trades and add a free agent from the "B" list…the tone out of the organization will be, "we improved the team and have the right players on the field to win". That will be questionable and Cashman isn't going to say otherwise but he must know that this team doesn't become a really better team until these big contracts are off the books and better signings are aboard…and no more Ellsbury-like contracts…i think most of us saw that signing as a problem from the get go…

  8. pinstripman says:

    The winner of this offseason between the Yankees and the Sox will be who is able to move their bad contracts the best. If the Sox are able to move either Sandoval or Ramirez they will be in great shape to rise to the top in the division. Subsequently the Yankees need to rid themselves of Headley as Ellsbury, C.C., Beltran are going nowhere. I expect the Sox to go after Cueto. The Sins of Cashman will be brought forth even more this year as it does hamstring the team of making the moves necessary to stay competitive. It is highly unlikely that the get similar results from A-Rod, Teixeira or Beltran. As far as C.C. is concerned I don't expect much from him in 2016.

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