Stark: Yankees could move Miller for a ‘Kimbrel-like’ package


It’s not a secret Andrew Miller is on the trade market–in fact every Yankee is simply to prove that Brian Cashman has some sort of roster flexibility. But after hearing the latest rumblings, the Yankees seem more serious about trading Miller, and if they were to package him, it would be in a deal that would bring back multiple players–sort of like the Craig Kimbrel deal.

Jayson Stark of ESPN said he spoke to an executive that thinks the Yankees will move Miller for a big Kimbrel-like package that is built around big-league ready starters. Of course, the Kimbrel trade involved minor league depth for the Padres, but Miller would get the Yankees a front line starter plus possibly a big-league infielder.

While the Yankees don’t really want to move Miller, or any of the Yankees on the big league roster, it could bring back a piece the team could use in the future, and it could put the Yankees in a situation where they would be more likely to compete in the 2016 postseason.

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16 Responses to Stark: Yankees could move Miller for a ‘Kimbrel-like’ package

  1. Rick says:

    I think Cashman is wise to offer a quality closer to other teams. With Betances, Wilson and possibly Warren, he has some insurance in the late innings. In return, he can get some young arms and possibly a 2nd baseman. Go Cash!

    • Celerino says:

      2nd base is already covered, but a lefty starter would be terrific. It's a great idea to sell high on Miller.

      • mosc says:

        If the cubs want to deal Baez, I think you make room at second don't you think?

        • Celerino says:

          Good luck getting Theo Epstein to go along.

          • mosc says:

            it's not crazy. Castro isn't going anywhere with his contract and 2013/2015 performance with the stick. They seem to like him at second and Short/third are also taken by young studs. Baez is expendable depth. Give em Miller and Mateo or something similar. They may take it. Then give Ref to Oakland. Maybe oakland will give something the cubs want in return for Ref (who's expendable if you get Baez).

        • otto says:

          It would be nice if they could get Baez for second or even third after the dud they have in Chase

          • mosc says:

            Chase Headley was still well above replacement level in 2015 and his defense seemed an aberration given his track record. Too early to bail on what is still a fairly complete player signed to a reasonable contract.

    • Joaquin Cabarrocas says:

      A year ago the Yankees were very pleased to have the Borances and Miller connection for the late innings.So to me it doesn't make sense to trade Miller.Trading Gardner makes more sense to open a spot in the of for Judge.If he has another strong spring training it does not make sense to waste him in the minors.I see him as a young Paul Onsill.

      • Celerino says:

        A year ago the Yankees let go of a very good closer and were able to replace him easily. If they can flip Miller for a good starter, Betances would replace him as closer and they can fill the back of the pen easily.

      • Neil says:

        Agree. Royals won with a heavy back end bullpen. So did the Yankees 20 years ago. Why move out the closer. If they got one top starter they still have 4 other starters that can barely get you 6 innings. You need a great bullpen with the yankee starters. That's unless they plan on replacing all of them

  2. Tony says:

    Get a top starter preferably a lefty.

  3. Terry says:

    As they say, in order to get something of real value,you have to have something of real value.We need to improve, so any moves that can do that,I'm in

  4. hotdog says:

    what kind of starters though…who do you get for Miller that's as good as Miller…and what positions players are we talking about…who would we sit…would poor Robbie Refsnyder be sent back to AAA…someone might be willing to part with a middle of the rotation starter but I don't see anyone giving up a frontline guy…we need a starter and possibly a couple relievers…i guess the point which has been made before is that Cashman is not shopping Miller, he's just making it known that for the right price, whatever that may be, he might listen…i would only do it for a frontline starter or Corey Seager type rookie as just one part of the deal…

    • Neil says:

      Completely agree. And a second baseman is not the answer. Give refsnyder a chance. If he batted 270 would it really make that big of a difference if we brought in a 300 hitter. That's not a make it or break it for me. Great starters great defense great bullpen and ability to move runners does it for me. Yanks are far away from this.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Without Miller and Killer B, Yankees have a losing record last year. Face it, maybe only Severino can go 6+ innings regularly. Tanaka is erratic due to health. Don't downgrade a strength.

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