What’s next on the offseason agenda?


The Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets for the World Series crown in the early hours of November 2nd, which means it’s officially the offseason for every team in baseball. The first official week of the offseason is usually one of the busiest where teams re-negotiate with their players that are coming off the books and when they offer qualifying offers with hopes of obtaining a draft pick should their former players sign elsewhere. Here’s what’s happening over the first official week of the offseason.

November 6: It’s the deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their impending free agents. This year, the qualifying offer is slated to be around $15.8 Million but no one has ever taken a qualifying offer deal.

The Yankees have three players that are slated to become free agents–four if neither Brendan Ryan or the Yankees pick up their mutual option for the 2016 season: Stephen Drew, Chris Young and Chris Capuano. While Young was a good back-up outfielder last season, it’s possible the Yankees might not offer him a qualifying offer in case he takes it; $15.8 Million is too much money for a fourth outfielder. However, since he’s their most valuable free agent, the Yankees could possibly offer a qualifying offer to him and obtain a draft pick should he sign with another team. Stephen Drew and Chris Capuano most likely won’t get one due to their poor 2015 campaigns.

November 7: Players can officially negotiate with any other team.

I doubt the Yankees are going to be in the re-negotiation stage with any of their three free agents before Saturday, and by the time the deadline rolls around, they will most likely let them venture onto the free agent market.

November 9 – 12: GM Meetings in Boca Raton, Florida

All 30 GM’s could possibly meet up to begin framework for potential trades. Brian Cashman said he’s interested in a right-handed bat along with relief for the bullpen, and it’s entirely possible he goes to the GM Meetings with hopes of bolstering the Yankees roster by dealing a few players.

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9 Responses to What’s next on the offseason agenda?

  1. hotdog says:

    i wonder what Chris Young is worth on the open market…i just don't see a team offering him a multi-year deal and giving up their #1 pick…

  2. Chris Young will not get a qualifying offer. Not a chance in hell. He will probably get a multi-year offer from somebody though so the Yankees will probably have to give him a bit of a raise if they want him to stay. Considering he hit .252/.320/.453 and played all outfield positions, the Yankees will probably want him back. It will just depend on his price.

  3. Terry says:

    Nothing against Young but I'd rather see him go.He did a decent job but nothing good enough for a multi-year deal.He will get a raise and if you think that Drew and Caps both got 5 mill last year,multi-year for 5 ?Put that money towards something better like the bull pen needs.Trade for the RH bat,you'll probably get better than a .250 hitter.We have way too many of those avg's already.Let all three go and only keep Ryan if you fail to get a better player.Remember,the arbitration guys are going to get good bump this year

  4. Paul says:

    Get rid of all the dead wood.. Ryan.. Drew..Capuanno.. Trade Nova.. Gardner.. Get a power right handed batter that can hit to all fields ..Bring up the Baby Yankees and see what they can do on major league level..This team will not compete next year period.. Let alone beat the Royals! Start thinking about a new GM and Manager.

  5. brooklyn joe says:

    sign Young to favorable 1-2 yr deal, absolutely no qualifying offer! It's time to trade Gardner while he still has value,there's no room for a half year player who's always injured at the end of the year when you need him the most. Go with youth like Heathcott or Williams and get a power righty hitter like Cespedes. Judge is right around the corner to help he's even better than Conforto and look at what he did in a short time.

    • mosc says:

      I'd rather have Zobrist than Young. We have two center fielders already. Young's going to ask for 8 figures and multi-year. I bet he gets 2/$12 or something around there. Zobrist is more money, but he's also a lot more than a platoon outfielder against LHP. Still, here's his slash against LHP from 2015: .329/.409/.517/.926

      Signing young for not just 2016 but for 2017 as well also blocks Judge more than I would like to see. Especially if you're going after another outfielder.

      Cespedes over Jason Heyward seems nutsy. Granted Heyward will cost a first rounder to boot but he's 4 years younger than Cespedes and unarguably the game's best glove in right field. He's also got more speed and hits on the appropriate side of the plate for a yankee regular. I'd rather Sign Heyward for 9 years than Cespedes for 6. Heyward has some speed and can also fill in at center. Either will likely require trading Gardner or Beltran (why people don't view him as movable to an AL team needing a DH considering the yankees could eat money I have no idea) so lets make sure we keep 3 good left handed bats with Judge on the way.

  6. mosc says:

    After the 2013 World Series, the yankees went after Ellsbury, in part, BECAUSE HE WAS LEFT HANDED! It's like people have never seen Yankee stadium before. Beltran too hits to the short porch against the majority of pitchers he sees in yankee stadium. Now, for a 4th outfielder I totally agree a right handed bat is preferable but for your starting 3? No. No, I'll take all 3 from the left side. Every year. For as long as they play in this stadium layout. Fenway isn't going anywhere either and isn't exactly unkind to left handed hitters. Lets also mention elite lefty starters from 2015 (top 10):
    Kershaw – NL
    Kutchel – WEST
    Price – maybe an issue, but the yankees have always hit price well
    Bumgardner – NL
    Garcia – NL
    Hamels – WEST
    Chen – maybe an issue, also a FA
    Lester – NL
    Quintana – CENTRAL
    DE LA ROSA – maybe an issue, also a FA

    It's quite possible NONE of these guys land in the AL EAST next year. Lefty bats? YES PLEASE.

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