Brian Cashman: “Yankees not done trading yet”

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Despite making moves during the Winter Meetings, the Yankees are far from finished completing their roster for the 2016 season. In fact, there could another trade to bring in either a starter or a bullpen arm before Spring Training.

“It [the roster] is still incomplete,” Cashman said on Thursday afternoon, prior to leaving the Winter Meetings. “We are addressing areas of need, without a doubt. There are still steps in the process that I would like to take.”

The Yankees made two trades during the Winter Meetings; one that sent Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for infielder Starlin Castro, and the other sending Justin Wilson to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for two minor league prospects, Luis Cessa and Chad Green. Cashman is planning on making at least one more trade before Valentine’s Day, but Cashman knows he has to make at least one deal so pitching coach Larry Rothschild can have a new toy to play with in February.

“I think [hitting coach] Alan Cockrell is loving me, and I think [pitching coach] Larry Rothschild is not liking me,” Cashman said. “Alan probably has a nice Christmas card coming, and I’m getting coal from Larry right now.”

Cashman improved the offense by adding a young, controllable player in Castro, and he also gave the Yankees an everyday second basemen, a position they’ve had trouble filling since Robinson Cano left to Seattle. The Castro move makes Rob Refsnyder expendable and he could possibly be involved in a trade package of some sort for a starter or a bullpen piece. The question is would Cashman consider trading Refsnyder? I guess that question could be answered later this offseason.

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33 Responses to Brian Cashman: “Yankees not done trading yet”

  1. Olie says:

    Not sure why Cashman thinks he will get more offence out of Castro than Refsnyder! From what I have seen out of Refsnyder he looks like he could be real good. Castro has a better glove maybe! (Maybe!)

    • Texas Yankee says:

      Castro almost has 1000 MLB hits and I believe 3 All Star appearances to his name. You may want to look up his stats.

      • Olie says:

        I know the Cubs have been trying to get rid of him for 2 years! Also every team in MLB has to be represented at All Star game so being the Cubs representative isn't saying much!

        • Texas Yankee says:

          His 1000 hits at that young of age puts him in some elite company. We all know he has struggled, but he is very dependable and makes us younger. Can you imagine the Cashman beatings if Cano was a Yankee playing like he has been the last two years.

    • Alan says:

      Maybe? No doubt, are you kidding me !

  2. Steve says:

    I'd trade him Gardner metao and one of the miner leaguers in a big package to get whatever they want maybe a deal with the Indians will work! And would free up the outfield for a younger more athletic player that they got plenty of right now one being hicks!

    • Steve says:

      Maybe because Castro was 3 time all star had over 200 hits in a season already and is only 25 the same age as reffsnider is and has only played in what about 20 major league games! Right now Castro is 100 times better this is why there offense is a lot better now!

      • Chris says:

        Preach it bro, I'm trying to tell a couple people that Castro was a good move. I really feel some great years are coming for him in pinstripes! 281 lifetime hitter with a good glove. And he's happy to becoming a yankee, that alone (becoming a yankee) makes you play harder. Cause your playing with the most iconic sports team ever that produced countless greats

      • Olie says:

        100 times u say!

  3. Paul says:

    If Castro is so great.. Why did the Cubs let him go for the older Zobrost??? Why haven't we dumped Headley.. Gardner.. We're not getting stronger.. We weakened the bullpen for a pitching staff that can't go past 5 innings! Let's trade Cashman for a GM to be named later!

    • Texas Yankee says:

      What a joke for a comment. I really hope you are not a Yankee fan. Any thank you Cash for the great Eovaldi and Didi trades last year? We would not have even finished in 3rd place without those two. Crazy how Cashman bashers can call themselves Yankee fans.

      • Paul says:

        Been a Yankee fan my whole life..Bob Watson and Gene Michaels were the architects of the last great Yankee teams! Not Cashman.. While we're at it.. These bad contracts except for Aroid are his doing! If Didi is his only claim to fame were in serious trouble .. Evovaldi is a work in progress. A suppose you have forgiven Arod too …now that's a real Yankee! I am tired of Hal's crying poor mouth and his lack of passion to put a championship team on the field.. Shopping at the bargain store like the likes Drew doesn't cut it! The Yankees have the highest ticket prices and concessions in all of MLB! I don't want to bash Cashman.. I want him gone!

        • Texas Yankee says:

          OK great we can agree on being long time Yankee fans. My first baseball memory was the 76 World Series.I do disagree with your memory though. George made so many bad deals in the 80'same that my head spun. We have not had a total meltdown under Cash, like we did before. I am not saying Didi is his best deal, only pointing it out that it was a good trade. Cash is only taking orders and doing a good job with what has been given to him. I was an 80's Yankee fan, and do not care to go back to that again.

          • Texas Yankee says:

            Part of the problem is that they have spent the same amount for over 10 years, and going cheap is not the Yankee way.

          • Olie says:

            Dont be bashing the 'Boss"

          • Terry says:

            Can't quite go back to '76 but close,'77.Yes ,yes I survived the Mel Hall,Matt Nokes eras.They were real ugly.We're actually not close (thankfully) to that.Yankee fans are the most passionate baseball fans on the planet and while we rarely agree how to get where we deserve to be,we all really want them to get there.The ball's in you're court Mr.Cashman

          • Texas Yankee says:

            77 was great. I still have my Reggie candy bar wrapper. The straw that stirred the drink!

  4. Terry says:

    The first 3 years of his career Castro was an up and coming star of the game but 2 of the last 3 have not.Which player is he? I hope he's a plus player.Cubs saw a decline in his defense and moved him to second.Which to his credit he took like a pro.He's more of a contact hitter than a run producer so if the avg is not there it's trouble.I think I would be more accepting if he was a nice FA signing but to give up Warren was really not good.People tend to under value him.Then to follow up by trading Wilson?Please Cash,don't make me wait until ST.Remember it's the holiday season,the season of giving.How about a good young starter for Xmas?

    • Steve says:

      First the Cubs moved him to second base because of the addition of Addison Russell ! Then Castro hit 354 the rest of the season at second 38 games ! The reason they got maddens pal from Tampa zobrist so they could free up money for heyward to me getting a 35 year old is a bigger risk then adding a 3 time all star 25 year old who I believe will only get better! As far as Wilson they have a trade up there sleeve ! And they have lefty pazso who throws in mid 90 miles per who I think could be a all star also!

      • tom says:

        Cubs pay Zobrist more than they would commit to Castro.

        Have to give Cashman an A because he did not add another player with no trade clause. Yankees have enough of them as Cashman's goal is to have some flexible on the roster. It may be met by adding Castro for 2B and 2 SPs for depth. Having Castro aboard without losing Refsnyder and Mateo is a bonus.

      • Terry says:

        So you admit Russell a much better fielder than Castro,and you don't free up money by trading a player owed 37-38 mill and adding a player at 56 mill who is older. They are going for it and Castro was not in the plan.Look I hope you're right.I hope the guy bats .300 with 15+ hrs and steals 25+ bases to score 100+ runs but let's not get carried away.He has a lot to prove coming in.Didi and Nate were good pick ups but neither were all-star type seasons.The young guys need to improve and start taking over this team.I hope Castro is one of them.

  5. Nunzio says:

    Cashman has many good pieces that can be moved, Gardner, Texeria try and get something now he is in his last year get something for him even if it's a ball boy, let Bird play a full season and see what he is made of , remember a guy named Gehrig he got his chance, all a player needs is a chance I say give bird his…….Ellsbury if you cannot make a deal for him let him share centerfielder with seone that can make a difference…..Beltran and A-Rod let them share there position put someone young like Bird in right field , let these kids loose keeping them down will never see what they can do on a Major league level, Bird proved he could hit and if he was kept on the farm you would never know.

  6. John says:

    Cashman is setting the Yankees up to entice Bryce Harper, once he becomes a free agent. Castro was a great trade for the future. We aren't winning it next year or the year after. Plus, we may trade Tex in the middle of the season to a contender, or, at the very least, get a compensatory pick after someone else signs him at years end. I just hope he doesn't get desperate and make a trade for no reason, I didn't like the Justin Wilson trade (I looked at the two guys we got back and I think we should have traded Wilson during the season – I love trading before the deadline to a contender, you get the most back!!

    • hotdog says:

      that's the problem depending on how you look at it…we're always the contender so we're generally buyers not sellers…Red Sox won a world series and followed by with a terrible season but were sellers at the trade deadline which enabled them to make deals…we're just too good to be out of it by mid-late July…we'll never trade a key piece of two for a top prospect mid-season like other teams are capable of doing…it's a small price to pay for success but right now the team is not dominant and we're just going to have to wait for better days…i wasn't happy about the Wilson trade but the idea of trading for prospects is a good idea in general…if this team is going to be great again, you need a good farm system…too many teams have $$$ these days, the Yankees can't count on being the high bidder when money becomes available and that might not be wise anyhow…i think all teams are adjusting to a new playing field, look at these risky big money contracts…maybe the Yankees have learned the lessons other teams are just beginning to get into…we're ahead of the curve…

    • Thomas says:

      I think we are gonna win games but maybe not enough. Wild card again. Over 500 for sure. Tex has no trade clause so he will not be going anywhere. I doubt the Yankees offer Tex a QO next year, so no supplemental draft pick for him. I find it really funny that NOBODY like the trade that sent Cervelli to Pittsburgh for Wilson but now he is like the best reliever they had. I believe that everyone is forgetting how good Sherve was before that last month and he can take over Wilsons spot.

      • hotdog says:

        i would not put anything past the Yankees…if Tex has a good relatively healthy year, they may give him an offer and if he takes it who knows what they do with Bird…won't get under the threshold in 2017 and who knows what Bird will do at AAA…Refsnyder came up last season and gave us a good look and what we could expect from him…he gets traded for a guy who really the best anyone can say, and they say it constantly, is that he's a 3 time all-star…bye bye Warren…tough luck Refsnyder…welcome a big ? with a history of mixed results, and attitude/work ethic issues…and he's just not that much better a defensive player than Ref…so yes, Tex could easily get a QO and Bird could be trade bait for just about anything…so who plays 1st base in 2018? that's a problem for 2018…

  7. Kevin S says:

    Yanks treatment of Refsnyder has been puzzling. They've never really given him a chance, so I guess they think he can't play second. Also, Cashman's trades last off season made a big difference, but this offseason he has depleted the bullpen for a guy who may be good at 2nd and two bad prospects, the best, Cessa, coming in at #18 in our system. He's got to do something else.

    • hotdog says:

      i think he'll add at least 1 middle reliever…i just hope we can get away with trading two guys low on the prospect list for a reliever…Cashman wants a starter but he's not going to get anyone of significance unless he adds a free agent or moves one of our better prospects and someone like Gardner or even Miller…he's says he's not done but you can't make something happen if it's not available…i would not expect much, only a couple of small adds that may help…

  8. Bort says:

    I am not Castro's biggest fan. The guy has a ton of talent but hasn't really showed it yet. 6 years is plenty of time to see the "real" player. That said, Castro isn't awful and I don't really see losing Warren as that big a deal and they badly needed a 2b. I'll reserve judgement until we see what else Cashman does. Refsnyder makes decent trade bait now that you have a serviceable young 2b locked in for 4 or 5 more years. This definitely looks like planning for the future, and I'm ok with that. The Yankees badly need to get younger and are not going to win next year anyway. Now's a good time to do this.

  9. The next trade that Cashman needs to make is Gardner even if it is for prospects. I think that Cashman is finding out that the market for him is not very strong and he is willing to hold off moving him until a better market develops which just may not happen.

  10. F Pines says:

    Why not try Refsnyder at 3rd base for backup and competition rather than give him away. Question is is his arm strong enough

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