Trade Rumors: Yankees want Shelby Miller; Braves ask for Severino


One of the high-profile names that’s currently in the trade market is right-hander Shelby Miller. And rightfully so; Miller is 25, has three years of control before free agency and actually pitched well despite playing for the rebuilding Atlanta Braves. And as the Braves shop Miller around, one team that has been linked is the Yankees–but the Braves want a young pitcher to come back their way should they make a deal with the Bronx Bombers.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting the Braves have asked for Luis Severino in their talks with the Yankees, but it’s more than likely the Yankees aren’t considering a deal involving Seveirno. Brian Cashman said earlier this offseason that everyone on the roster was available on the trade market, but he would more than likely hold onto Severino, Gregory Bird and Aaron Judge.

A rival GM told CBS Sports that while the Braves were not “denigrating the asking price”, the Braves were still “very aggressive with their proposal.”

The Braves also claim they don’t have to trade Miller, but in the past they have dealt their talented stars such as Justin Upton, Andrelton Simmons, Jason Heyward and Craig Kimbrel. Miller went 6-17 with a 3.02 ERA with the Braves last season.

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17 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees want Shelby Miller; Braves ask for Severino

  1. FlyguyRC says:

    Why are we hearing the same stories just over and over?? I think collectively most here know Yanks won't do a thing that will significantly upgrade the club.

    • EdInFtLaud says:

      Exactly how is trading Severino for Miller "significantly upgrading the club"??!!

      • mosc says:

        If, just say If, Severino and Miller were both going to be free agents next season and had the same 2016 salary, I'd rather have Miller.

  2. Jack says:

    The Yankees especially Hal Cashman are just trying to pacify Yankee fans by saying everyone is available. Sure they are if other teams give them a boatload of talent for nothing in return. If they were serious they would sign Heyward and put Gardner and others in a trade for a decent pitcher. What a bunch of B.S.

    • jimmy1982 says:

      those are exactly the plays i would make, but with no money coming off the books this year, seems like a pipe dream.

    • mosc says:

      We have 7 "Decent" pitchers already. What the hell would we do with an 8th? If the pitcher we get isn't >115 ERA+ or so, they're not going to add much if any value to the Yankees.

      • hotdog says:

        i'm not sure who these "decent" pitchers are that you speak of but certainly we have guys that pitch decently…the problem as I see it is their durability…so we have CC, Tanaka, Nova and Eovaldi but each one of them is a concern…the only guy you might be able to count on is Pineda and hopefully Severino…i think Cashman is looking to upgrade the rotation with a decent durable pitcher…and they want Warren in the pen…hopefully Tanaka continues to avoid season ending surgery but every time he goes to the mound people are concerned how he comes off of it…looks like Cashman will add a starter at some point…not a bad move especially is they decide to move Nova…

  3. Nunzio says:

    The Gardner , Ellsbury swap for some pitching makes sense , if the yankees are not going to go after free agent talent then get rid of the players that are performing and play the young that we are hearing about as the future…..yankees do not want to spend for the next couple of years , so bring these guys up and see what they can do, this way maybe the guy we have at third base, and the outfield can be addressed, Headley was not a good signing , Cashman should have gone after Donaldson , but he must have been in Disney World that week when the Bluejays GM beat him to it.

    • Celerino says:

      The core of the Donaldson trade was Bret Lawrie, a 25 year old starting thridbaseman with upside. Regrettably, we couldn't match that. But seeing how Donaldson didn't emerge until he was 27, the jury is still out on the trade and it may end up almost as bad as AA's other deals. I don't know if Cashman was in Disney World or not, maybe that's where he picked up a 25 year old gold glove caliber shortstop for nothing.

      • mosc says:

        You have to wonder what the yankees had that the A's wanted. Did they have a direct replacement for Donaldson the A's could use in 2015? No. The had Refsnyder, who had not yet played MLB ball (A's hadn't traded for Zobrist yet they needed a 4 as well) but even with the foreknowledge of an entire season I still think Lawrie is a better "get". We did have a Sean Nolin-type piece I guess if you count Mitchell but that's again a huge stretch. Kendall Graveman? I guess we had Warren but he had a ton of success in the minors and is a lot younger than Warren. Franklin Barreto equivalent would have to be Mateo though that again isn't fair to Barreto who was a ranked prospect before 2015 and is a year younger than Mateo, and has a wider skillset.

        Lets be REAL nice and say the trade for Donaldson would have took Refsnyder, Severino, Warren, and Mateo. Honestly, the Blue Jays gave up a lot more than that but maybe that at least makes you think more clearly about the trade. Donaldson played well for them in 2015 but he's going to cost a good bit of money in 2016 (probably ~$12M) and will be 30. He put up a season for the ages but it's hard to forecast that looking just at his 2012-2014 line. Steamer sure didn't see it coming.

    • Jack says:

      Agree with you,but I wouldn't hold my breath. Mgmt don't seem to care about upgrading this team to make them a viable contender. All they do is blow smoke up all Yankee fans butts. This even after signing a new radio deal that is going to pay them $200million. What a freakin joke this organization has become

      • mosc says:

        They made the playoffs last year despite playing in arguably the best division in baseball (judged by SRS or another similar strength of schedule type approach). I think that's very much a "contender". They lost to a Cy young pitcher in a 1-game playoff, that's going to happen. They weren't better than the Blue Jays but they mortgaged a lot for their shot while the yankees are starting a wave of new talent and gaining financial flexibility.

        The Yankees have played .500 baseball or better for 23 straight years. The last time they were under .500, Don Mattingly was 31! I think that equals contender. Stop whining.

  4. tom says:

    I guess Cashman was hoping for Gardner-Miller swap. He needs to wake up because Gardner alone does not value any solid young starter at all.

  5. Nunzio says:

    Celerino if you think Donaldson was a bad pickup for the jays and the yankees were better off with Headley you belong in Disney World , what planet are you on.

    • Celerino says:

      What part of "Regrettably" don't you understand? The point was we didn't have what Oakland needed to make that deal, and your boy Alex had to give up an awful lot to make the deal. But it wasn't a bad deal, as it stands now. Now Dickey and Tulo, those were bad deals.

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