A Week In Review: Yankees pull off trade for Aroldis Chapman


The Yankees had their eyes on Aroldis Chapman since last season, even going as far as trying to acquire him before the trade deadline. But the Yankees failed in getting Chapman for their eventual one-game playoff run and their bullpen continued to face uncertainty. But fast forward to past the Winter Meetings and the Yankees worked their magic–by using Chapman’s legal troubles to their own advantage.

With Chapman’s legal issues, the price to acquire him dropped significantly, and that gave the Yankees the perfect opportunity to offer four minor leaguers to the Cincinnati Reds: Rookie Davis, Eric Jagielo, Caleb Cotham and Tony Renda. Those four rookies gave the Yankees a legitimate closer for the 2016 season, but of course there’s plenty of questions on where he’s going to start 2016. Chapman is currently under a domestic violence and gun investigation and if MLB finds him guilty of either offense, he could be suspended to start the year.

But when he returns, the Yankees could have one of the most dangerous bullpens in the American League, and it could be tough for opposing teams to win late in games.

— With the Yankee acquiring Chapman to close, it means Andrew Miller will have to give up his closing job and he would have to pitch earlier in ball games. But having to pitch earlier in the game doesn’t bother Miller one bit; in fact he’s thrilled that he gets to share the bullpen with Chapman. As long as the Yankees win a World Series in 2016, Miller doesn’t care where he pitches.

“I signed with the Yankees to win and I’m not stupid, he’s a heck of a pitcher,” Miller told NJ Advance Media in a phone interview on Tuesday. “This is what I signed up for. I signed up to play for the Yankees, to win championships, and if (general manager Brian) Cashman and the Steinbrenners and whoever is part of the decision-making process thinks this is part of the answer, and that this is the way to go about it, that’s fine by me.”

— In other news that doesn’t have to do with Chapman or Miller, Stephen Drew is no longer a Yankee. Drew signed a one-year contract worth $3 Million to play for the Washington Nationals in 2016 and will have a chance to earn a starting job in Spring Training.

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5 Responses to A Week In Review: Yankees pull off trade for Aroldis Chapman

  1. Donnie Passmore says:

    Drew signing for 3 million was a surprise.

    Chapman was a great addition. We need to understand he is innocent till proven guilty. The Yankees now have that dreaded three headed monster in their pen.

    Getting Aroldis cause's Cashman to not be in a hurry to add to the starting rotation. He now can simply look at any potential deal that improves the Yankees roster. We still are in need of a backup third baseman with defensive flexibility.

    Maybe add a young controllable right-hand power bat or young stud pitcher. Even take a chance on a guy like Cliff Lee or Matt Latos. He has given the Yankees many more options to consider going forward.

  2. Terry says:

    To me,we started the off season looking for a good young starter and an impact RH bat and rightfully so.The starters didn't give us enough length and therefore we wore out a very good bullpen.Add the lack of power hitting against a LH pitcher and the loss of Young,we needed to improve here.I like the Hicks trade but he's not going to strike fear in DK,Price and the like and neither is Castro.We got a closer,we had a closer.Is Miller better than Wilson in that role?Absolutely.Is there a swing type as good as Warren?No.Is there a 5th starter as good as Warren would have been?No.Watch what he does for the Cubs this year.Is there a big difference between Castro and Ref?No and some of the "saber" community actually have Ref's war higher than Castro's based on 600 ab.So, we really haven't actually improved on last year's team.We have more star power but not more substance power and we're actually adding payroll:gasp!!Currently,after arbitration,the payroll be higher.After all the actions to the contrary.Other than grabbing every once highly thought of talent that's fallen by the wayside;What is the plan?If we're going to spend,then let's get a difference maker.If we're going young then, let's give the home grown players first shot and go from there

    • Mark says:

      The Yankees definitely got better, here's the plan as I see it. CC is, according to multiple reports, making great progress in rehab and is well ahead of his timetables in terms of off season reps. Assuming he is back, our rotation is Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, CC and Severino – that's as good a lineup in the AL East as there is, combined with the best bullpen in the American League, if not baseball. Last year, as "bad" as the lineup was, they scored the second-most runs in the baseball (behind the Blue Jays) and averaged 4.71 runs per game. Last year, they finished 17th with a team ERA of 4.05 and 15th in opposing team's batting average. With improved pitching – and that seems to be the case for next year – that could be all that is needed for the Yankees to win the AL East.

  3. Scott says:

    Hopefully the Yankees can make it happen this coming season .

  4. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with Terry. The Hicks trade is OK but was that the best use of J.R. Murphy compared to simply signing Chris Young? I would have kept Warren for the rotation.

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