Andy Pettitte visits Yankees camp to mentor minor leaguers

Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte reported to Yankees camp this afternoon, but for those getting their hopes up of Pettitte coming out of retirement–again–it’s not going to happen. However, Pettitte did go to camp  to participate in the Yankees “Captain’s Camp” program, where veterans mentor minor league players prior to Spring Training.

“I hope it was helpful. I hope it helps somebody,” Pettitte said Monday. “For me, it was the coolest to have Yogi [Berra] and to see Whitey [Ford] and to see Gator [Ron Guidry] around, the guys that you knew were just kind of the Yankees legends when I was a young man coming up. For me, it was great.”

“Captain’s Camp” has the minor leaguers in a classroom setting, where the veterans discuss adversity and preparation. Players such as Jorge Posada, Alfonso Soriano, CC Sabathia and Darryl Strawberry were some of the other players who have addressed the minor leaguers this Spring. Derek Jeter was also known to participate in the program last season.

While Pettitte only stayed for a few hours, he couldn’t help but pick up a glove and throw batting practice to Aaron Judge–who may or may not have hit a few moonshots out of the Yankees minor league complex.

“[The] wind was blowing out,” Andy quipped while trying to think of an excuse for the home runs.

In the end, Pettitte hoped that he gave the minor leaguers something to remember, other than a few home runs during batting practice.

“The talent is one thing. Playing the game is one thing,” Pettitte said. “Being successful is one thing. The big thing is I would like them to learn how to be great teammates, to care for one another.”

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