Carlos Beltran to mentor Aaron Judge during Spring Training


Aaron Judge might not be in the outfield at Yankee Stadium until next season, but this season he ran into some real estate when he found out his Spring Training locker was with the other major league players. However, it wasn’t by accident: Carlos Beltran had personally arranged for Judge to have a locker next to him for the duration of Spring Training.

“That’s pretty cool, you know,” Judge, who reported to camp early, said to the media this afternoon. “Being next to a legend is awesome. Carlos is a guy I’ve watched for years growing up, just how he handles himself on the field and off the field, he’s a class act, so it’s a pretty cool honor and privilege to be here.”

Beltran is entering the final year of his three-year contract and he’s not sure if he’s going to retire after this season. If Beltran ends his Yankees tenure prior to the 2017 season, it will make way for Judge to man right field.

“I’m not there yet. I’m just trying to be where my feet are,” Judge said. “That’s the biggest thing. Just keep building. I’m not the one making those decisions, so just trying to do whatever I can and whatever’s in my power.”

Judge had a productive first day at camp, taking batting practice against Nathan Eovaldi and making solid contact. Judge had been working on making contact against Major League pitching after he struggled in Triple-A last year, and he had James Rowson and Marcus Thames to credit for their assistance.

“At Double-A, I saw a lot of guys that really came after you,” Judge said. “Triple-A was a lot of older guys that had been in the league, up and down, and they know how to pitch. Just trying to wait back and get your pitch is really the biggest thing for me.”

Some Notes

This is Cam Newton.
Cam Newton is the Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.
The Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl.
Cam Newton was disrespectful to the media after a Super Bowl loss by barely answering their questions.
Don’t be like Cam Newton.
Be polite to the media, Yankees.

That was pretty much the gist of the media training seminar the Yankees received this morning. The Yankees showed a video on how to handle the media by showing good examples of press conferences (Andy Pettitte‘s HGH conference, Russell Wilson losing in the Super Bowl last year etc.) and bad examples (Cam Newton’s Super Bowl press conference, etc.).

“This is a different market,” manager Joe Girardi said. “You’re going to deal with a lot more media people than you do in other places, so we think it’s important that we prepare them as much as possible.”

— While Masahiro Tanaka stole the show during Spring Training today, the Yankees are focused on Ivan Nova, who is entering his second season after having Tommy John Surgery. Nova is in the final year of team control and will hit the free agent market after this season.

“We felt that we would see a different guy this year,” Girardi said. “I was impressed with his bullpen today. I saw an arm that was very quick. Probably better than any point that we saw it last year. I think probably the time off really helped him and you’ll see a different guy.”

— The Yankees made some promotions in their front office which includes Tim Naehring (Vice President of Baseball Operations) and former Yankee Dan Giese (Assistant Director of Pro Scouting). The Yankees also hired six coaches to their staff, Aaron Holbert, Kevin Hart, Shawn Hill, JT Stotts, Alex Sunderland, and Pat Murtaugh.


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  1. hotdog says:

    it should only be helpful to Judge…Beltran is a smart guy who knows the game and it's mechanics very well…

  2. it should only be helpful to Judge…Beltran is a smart guy who knows the game and it's mechanics very well…

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