What could the Nick Swisher signing mean for the Yankees?


Once upon a time, before the Yankees signed Carlos Beltran to play right field for the next three seasons, the team dubbed Nick Swisher as their every day right fielder. For the most part, Swisher was a valuableĀ asset to the team and was on the 2009 World Series Championship winner. But since Swisher’s departure after the 2012 season, his career had taken a nose dive, and Swisher found himself bouncing from team-to-team.

After being released from the Atlanta Braves two weeks ago, it seemed Swisher’s career could have been over, but the Yankees decided to take a chance on him and are planning to offer Swisher a minor league deal pending a physical. So, what could the potential signing of Nick Swisher mean for the Yankees?

The signing would provide them depth in a few areas stemming from first base to the outfield. The Yankees already have Dustin Ackley as Mark Teixeira‘s back-up, but the Yankees could use the next two months–before Swisher’s June 15th opt-out option–to see if Ackley is a viable option on the days where Teixeira needs a day off. The Yankees could also use Swisher in the outfield, like they have during most of his tenure, but there are two roadblocks this time around: Beltran and Aaron Hicks.

Beltran is the every day right fielder and Hicks is the fourth outfielder, although Hicks is expected to get plenty of playing time in order to keep Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner fresh. But should an injury happen to Beltran and/or Hicks, Swisher could find himself in the Bronx with something to prove.

Despite only hitting six home runs in 75 games last season, Swisher could still have some power remaining in his bat, and his swing would be perfect for the short porch at Yankee Stadium. And while Swisher has completely tailed off offensively since 2014, he might have something left in the tank.

The Yankees aren’t expecting miracles, and they know they might never get the Nick Swisher that was an All-Star, but it’s a low-risk, high reward deal, and seeing what Swisher has to offer wouldn’t hurt. In fact, if they like what they see, they could rejuvenate Swisher’s career, which the team has been known to do. Does bringing Curtis Granderson‘s power bat back to life or putting Nathan Eovaldi‘s pitching career back on track ring a bell? If the Yankees could work miracles with Granderson and Eovaldi, then there’s no telling what the team could do for Swisher.

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9 Responses to What could the Nick Swisher signing mean for the Yankees?

  1. steven lohmeyer says:

    I really like swisher at 1st base more then Ackley he did not make 3 plays that I know Teixeira makes & I feel swisher make also I'm not impressed with Ackley at all & the fact that swisher plays outfield,so I feel the ninja (Brian cashman) has Madever in my opinion another good depth move

  2. Z128 says:

    Liable option? Do you mean viable?

  3. Steve says:

    I've liked Swish , let's see what he does in the minors before we get too excited……….there might be no gas left in the tank ……..

  4. Olie says:

    His better days are far behind him and Ackley is a better hitter so not sure why they would sign him!

  5. Robert Rufa says:

    I liked Swisher's spirit. I think they should make room for him on the roster, and I think Ackley is expendable.

  6. Terry says:

    One thing to keep in mind,if he's not on the 25 man roster by June 15th.He will probably opt out.So,someone will have to go to make room for him.While I'm not 100% sold on Ackley, he is younger and can still run.He also plays the outfield.I would lean towards Ackley over Swish.Tex will only need a few days off all year and Alex is the DH.Beltran could DH when they rest him and play Hicks if he's hot.Just seems like too many of the same type of players.How many ABs could he realistically get?

    • Steve says:

      I don't think this signing is anything to be very excited about! Why because he's DONE!! Don't be fooled by a another cheep skate move by the new wave yanks brass! I even call it stupid! I also believe now where on the subject of players ahead of Swiss that hicks should be in lineup every day! Ellsbury, Gardner, you make the choice!

  7. Yankee Fan says:

    Swish has been my third fav Yankee since 09 next to Mo and Andy……i think that Yankees should have him on the bench over Ackley…the thing that is going to help Swisher now is hes not going to be counted on to played everyday so he will not run out of gas like he did for the Indians and Braves and he will have the short porch now and finally he will be pumped up to be back with the Yanks so that will make him better

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