Alex Rodriguez to undergo MRI for hamstring issue


Alex Rodriguez didn’t hear a pop in his hamstring during yesterday’s 4-1 loss against the Baltimore Orioles.

But he did feel soreness and wasn’t sure if he was able to avoid the disabled list this time.

Rodriguez was able to avoid a trip to the DL when he tweaked his oblique during the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, and returned to the Yankees lineup a few days later for the Texas Rangers series. But now Rodriguez will undergo a MRI to determine how bad the hamstring strain is. Rodriguez hoped for the best, and the Yankees are also hoping for the best. Rodriguez has had the strongest bat in the lineup within the last week, and for a team that is struggling to piece together a win, losing Rodriguez provides a big blow.

But, if the Yankees must lose Rodriguez for 15 days or more…how does Nick Swisher as the Yankees replacement DH sound?

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6 Responses to Alex Rodriguez to undergo MRI for hamstring issue

  1. Jack says:

    Hope it's minor and hopefully O.K. in a few days. Just read an article where Cashman stated he and Steinbrenners unhappy with Yanks performance. You think!!! Here comes the B.S. About if this continues changes will be made. If this wasn't such a sorry state of affairs this comment would be laughable! Bean counter Hal , arrogant Cashman and clueless Joe put my beloved Yankees in this position

  2. Terry says:

    Swish would be an obvious choice with how we usually operate.Or, how about, moving Carlos to DH and giving more PT to Hicks to work out that swing.The call up one of the young outfielders- Judge, Gammel, Heathcott.All three could handle the moment.The outfield would be faster with more defensive depth and flexibility.Ben and Slade can play all three spots and Judge could possibly be the RH threat we need.They deserve a look

  3. hotdog says:

    I think this gives Cashman the opportunity to get some of these guys, Hicks, Torreyes and Ackely, more at bats…and to get Ackely and Hicks on track depending on whether Arod goes on the DL…

  4. tom says:

    LOL.. When I quickly read the news on ESPN, I thought Yankees DFAed Arod.

    He is put on 15 day DL but they bring up a reliever?

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I don't get the whole bringing up a reliever thing either to be honest. Yankees need help in the offense department and I thought Swisher could have been a clear cut replacement on the roster.

  5. Olie says:

    Hicks, Ellsbury and Gardner in outfield and DH Beltran! Ackley 4th outfielder!

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