Brian Cashman won’t make changes to Yankees despite horrible start

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The Yankees are entering their next series against the Baltimore Orioles with an 8-15 record, and the team is currently in the American League East cellar after they were swept by the Boston Red Sox over the weekend. One person that’s not happy with the way the team has been performing is Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who is baffled that his team is in last place.

“I’m frustrated as hell,” Cashman said on Monday afternoon. “It was a horrific month of April where we underperformed in almost every category, it feels like.”

Even though Cashman is frustrated with the ball club, he says he won’t make any changes to the Yankees–yet.

“There are no changes in store; ultimately, I’ll be forced to make changes if it continues,” Cashman said. “What needs to change is the players that are capable of so much more on this roster that I’ve put together starting to perform to those levels.

“Over time, if it continues, we will be forced to do things that weren’t part of the game plan. That’s just what has to happen at some point.”

The Yankees currently have a .670 OPS, which is the second-lowest in the American League, as well as a 203 AVG with runners in scoring position. But despite the Yankees troubles, don’t expect players like Aaron Judge, Nick Swisher or Rob Refsnyder to don pinstripes in an attempt to revive the offense.

“Everybody at Triple-A is trying to be an option for us at the major-league level,” Cashman said. “Right now, we’re going to keep giving some opportunities to everybody to fix themselves. In the event that we change that mindset, I’ll explore all other options. But we’re not at that point yet despite how bad this stretch has been.

Cashman tried his hardest not to point fingers at the offense, but one name that came up was Yankees third baseman Chase Headley, who’s .156 AVG, .423 OPS and no extra base-hits is ranked last among all American League hitters. But if you’re expecting the Yankees to bench Headley like the Boston Red Sox did with Pablo Sandoval, then you’ll be waiting a while. Cashman said the Yankees are sticking with Headley at third base–but he has to perform or he could lose his job.

“It’s a head-scratcher; he’s struggling mightily,” Cashman said. “He’s putting the work in and they’re working with him to get to a place where he can find a comfort zone and a groove where he can consistently impact the ball hard. That hasn’t happened for the first month at all. The concern would be if it continues.”

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8 Responses to Brian Cashman won’t make changes to Yankees despite horrible start

  1. hotdog says:

    I got to wonder when Cashman says they're sticking with Headley at third base if the decision to bench a player for a period of time is largely made by Joe Girardi or Brian Cashman…i would imagine they have some consultation if it's more than a day but who has veto power, who really makes the decisions on the field…do other GM's generally get involved in these decisions to the extent that Cashman may…

  2. Terry says:

    I've learned to take everything they PR with a grain of salt.It could be a totally different story tomorrow.It's no head scratcher with Headley.He's had one good year his entire career.He is better than he's showed but still need an upgrade here, bad signing.What I read into Cash's words are, it's too early and there's not a lot of trade value in those who could lose their jobs.Could be different heading into the trade deadline.But after the last 2-3 deadline years,I don't expect much.Remember our last deadline move was Ackley and they don't play him hardly at all

    • hotdog says:

      Cashman picked up Headley because of his defense but also believing that one good power year represented his potential…Cashman likes picking up these guys but I think the strategy would work better if he managed to find guys and pay them based on their current performance…McCann is another example although he had a good year in 2015…i think he was worth the investment…

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    Cashman should really shut up. Yeah Girardi makes a questionable decision from time to time, but he's forced to field the team the GM built. Right now this team needs a kick in the ass, and if they don't bring up Swisher they're stupid. Even if he batter .220 Swish would light up the place. They need that. Besides, he might surprise. He has something to prove.

    • Jerry says:

      I agree about Swisher, he can't be any worse. Why sign him? I know to back up Teixeira, well guess what ,Tex needs to sit. Headley needs to be benched and Torreyes should play . Girardi can just say he's resting those guys for a couple of months. And hot dog I like the McCann signing, he's a good catcher and great stats for a catcher. As for Girardi and Cashman, I've always gotten the vibe they are tight and respect each other and make decisions together even about who they bring in as players. We've had some good years, this doesn't look like one of them.

  4. Typing in all caps is not socially appropriate. I had to delete a post.

  5. I would feel more optimistic if Hal spoke out about any new direction the team might take. Cashman has many bashers and has taken a hit with his credibility in recent times. As far as Girardi, the less he says the better.

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