Nick Swisher’s tired of playing in the minor leagues


Prior to every game, Nick Swisher signs autographs for the fans, but instead of it being at Yankee Stadium, it’s at a minor league park–and frankly, Swisher is getting tired of being a minor leaguer.

“I guess they don’t owe me anything,” Swisher spoke about the Yankees, after he was cut from the Atlanta Braves earlier this season. “They’re giving me an opportunity to play every day to show what I still have. But I don’t want to be here. … I’m not giving up.”

When Dustin Ackley‘s season ended after a labrum tear and Mark Teixeira went on the disabled list with an articular cartilage tear in his knee, the team had to call up a legit first baseman to replace both Ackley and Teixeira on the roster. Many figured the one getting the call-up would be Swisher who was grinding it out at the Triple-A level. But the front office decided to go with a different approach, calling up Chris Parmelee and Rob Refsnyder, despite the fact Refsnyder isn’t a first baseman.

“It’s frustrating to see guys get hurt and a lot of different people get called up and not be one of them,” Swisher said. “It’s like, ‘What do I have to do?’ And then you try to do too much. I just have to play better.”

Swisher had a promising April with the RailRiders, but his terrible May brought his numbers down to .234/.250/.344. While Swisher calls his recent slide a slump, he was only able to work four walks in 38 minor league games, which gives an indication that he can’t see the baseball as well as he used to.

Despite many believing that Swisher should hang up his cleats, Swisher refuses to give up.

“I’m just gonna keep grinding and keep being me,” Swisher said. “Hopefully somebody will want that.”

And Swisher believes that team will be the Yankees.

“I know I have the whole fan base, the whole city behind me,” Swisher said. “I’m not doing it for the money. I just want to be on that field and hear that crowd again.”

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11 Responses to Nick Swisher’s tired of playing in the minor leagues

  1. AJ Sams says:

    Maybe if he was able to hit AAA pitching, run well, and play strong defense he wouldn't be in the minors. Time for Swisher to hang up the cleats. He's done.

  2. Bob says:

    Many minor leaguers have been Betta hitters in majors once upband visa versa…give swish a call up and if he fails you cut him loose or maybe he impresses one last time…being in minors too long sucks…jmo

  3. Joe says:

    The Yankees need to give him a chance. He has earned that especially when one looks at NY Yankee batting averages. Just give him a chance.

  4. I think people are mistaken, Swisher hasn't even been mediocre, he's been extremely bad. He's had multiple knee surgeries and can barely get around, and he was a player known for having incredible patience at the plate, but has only 4 walks in 2 months in the minors (which is pathetic for any supposed major leaguer). He's clearly not the same player anymore and the Yankees know it. He probably would have been cut from the minor league roster if it weren't for all these injuries. Calling him up is a waste of time at this point which is why they called up a 2nd baseman before him.

  5. Dan De Ment says:

    Nick Swisher needs to be called up to the Yankees – they need his fire and long ball. I believe he deserves the chance.

  6. Larry says:

    I agree with Dan De Ment call Nick Swisher up and at least give him one last chance to prove his self. If it does not work out then you can always cut him loose. I was a big fan of his before when he was with the Yankees. I got to see him play against the Louisville Bats this year and was glad I got to so so.

  7. Don Brown says:

    Say what you will, but stats are stats. They don't lie. If I were Swisher, I'd probably feel the same way about myself. But in everyone's life the inevitable must come, and for him, it's time to accept it.

  8. Amanda says:

    This was a pity signing by Brian Cashman. At least when Swisher goes out, he can technically say that he went out as a Yankee.

  9. Joe says:

    They need to give Swisher shot they give a ride another chance so why not maybe he can hit better than A-Rod

  10. KBS says:

    The Parmelee injury tonight was gruesome to watch. Unless the Yanks are ready to get Celerino Sanchez out of retirement to back up Refsnyder, it does actually seem logical for them to call up a proven major leaguer and see what happens at last. Better rollcall for starters…

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