Trade Rumors: Yankees not considering trades yet


Despite the Yankees entering play on Tuesday only a mere three games under .500, plenty of teams have called about the “available” parts in the Yankees bullpen, namely Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. However, don’t expect the Yankees to be sellers in June.

Jon Heyman reported that following a conference call with reporters, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he has no interest in selling–at least, not yet. While the Yankees are vowing not to part with their players in June, Cashman said the scenario could change significantly by the end of July, depending on how the team performs over the next month and a half.

Players like Chapman and Miller have found themselves in trade rumors over the last few weeks, especially with the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giant, but they’re not the only players on the Yankees roster who have significant trade value.

Carlos Beltran, who is in the final year of his contract, Nathan Eovaldi, who becomes a free agent after the 2017 season, Brett Gardner, whose contract expires in 2019, Dellin Betances, who like Miller and Chapman is part of the dynamic bullpen, Michael Pineda, whose contract also ends after the 2017 season, and Brian McCann, who has a full no-trade clause, all are potential candidates to be traded should the team continue to struggle.

If the Yankees do decide to sell, it would be the first time the team had done so in Brian Cashman’s career as the general manager. Even when the Yankees were faced with the tempting opportunity to trade Robinson Cano and David Robertson in their walk-year for prospects, Cashman refused to pull the trigger.

Despite the Yankees entering Tuesday three games under .500, club-decision members believe the Yankees have time to right the ship. And instead of being sellers, the Yankees could potentially become buyers and make a run for the second Wild Card spot.

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13 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees not considering trades yet

  1. Terry says:

    Buyers like last year when we were making a run??Dustin Ackley??I would love to see that day but am highly skeptical.Shout out to Beltran,huge homer.Not a fan but never doubted he can still hit a little.Bug shot

  2. @bj82 says:

    Cashman needs to trade these players before they get injured. When you see the quality they can get for #Chapman and Miller, there is no way you keep them. Lets be real, the Yankees are not making the playoffs because they would need to play like a 100 win team just to win the same amount of games they won last year.

  3. Celerino says:

    Eovaldi probably won't go. Even if they're in a rebuild, he's the right age and they'll extend him as long as the years are right. Nobody is going to bite on Gardner, but we have to accept that he's a fourth outfielder and upgrade the position. Beltran is an ideal trade candidate but they probably won't get that much for him.

  4. Jerry says:

    Once again, it doesn't hurt to listen, but what's the point of just getting a wild card. We are not good enough ( at least how this team looks right now), to get very far beyond that. We need to be savvy and wise and have detailed scouting reports of prospective players especially young players coming up. We really have no choice but to trade. Chapman will go and Beltran. I don't trade Eoavaldi, he's part of the future, maybe if not a great starter, a great reliever. And I love Miller, that better be some haul to let him go. I hope the Yankees have a plan! Love the middle infield, hopefully Bird comes back strong, he looks like a 30 home run guy. I don't think we are far off. Key trades and a couple of good signings, who knows

  5. Jack says:

    Cashman will probably do nothing just like last year. Beltran the all star Gardner Headley McMan Hicks Ellsbury Betances Text our great minor league prospects . Mix and match Get creative to redo this mess of a team. Sadly I feel Yankee mgmt will again sit on their collective asses and do absolutely nothing

  6. hotdog says:

    I've said it elsewhere but the Yankees would almost have to be mathematically eliminated by the trade deadline…i do not see Cashman moving anyone and I would guess he would be a buyer although it would need to be a swap so the Yankees don't take on salary…i agree with Jack, more than likely Cashman will do nothing…i believe in his mind the season is a fail if you don't make the post-season and the thought of trading pieces, even a guy like Chapman is akin to abandoning the ship…hope he can swim…

    • tom says:

      Yankees have been complacent so long so I don't expect any surprise, too. I am still waiting for shake up in the front office.

  7. Otto says:

    The Yankees should consider trading Miller. I know the Cubs are interested. I would ask for Kyle Schwarber and Javier Baez. If you would not get both of them maybe ask them to take Headley. Look for a team that wants Miller and package him with one of these bad contracts like to the Dodgers. Something like Boston did a few years ago. I would look to trade Gardner and another prospect to the Braves to get back Arodys Vizcaino back.

  8. Eric Pellis says:

    What they need to do is borrow Theo Epstein from Cubs to help out the overmatched Cashman!!!!

  9. tom says:

    He was the reason Red Sox broke down with a bunch of bad contracts. He got benefit of Cubs being shitty to get better draft prospects. He ran away from Red Sox and left problems behind.

    Cashman doesn't do either so he >>>>>>>>>>>> Epstein.

  10. tom says:

    I don't remember when is the last time Yankees become a seller. Sadly, it could add to Hal/Hank's pathetic resume as Yankees owners if it happens.

    Still, at least writers have something to write. LOL.

  11. Olie says:

    No way will Yanks trade Pineda or Eovaldi ,someone has to pitch! Don't think they will get anything for Gardner now ( should have dumped him during winter) Beltran may get a good return the way he is now hitting and trading Chapman would probably be wise as much as I like watching him close out Yankee games! You deal from strength and that is the bullpen!

  12. Robert Rufa says:

    As much as I'd like to live to see the Yankees win another world series, I don't think they should view this year through that lens. Little good ever comes from desperation trades mid-season. Young talent should get playing time, aging players should be relegated to backup roles on the bench until their contracts expire. There are some good players on the current team and it makes sense to build around them. Cashman has made so many mistakes, I don't think he can be trusted to make good deals.

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