Front office believes Yankees are buyers while fans think otherwise

Randy Levine

Let’s face it: these aren’t your parents Yankees. These aren’t your grandparents Yankees. And they’re certainty not your great-grandparents Yankees.

The current Yankees are in fourth place in the American League East and they have pieces that other teams would like, such as Aroldis Chapman or Carlos Beltran. The Yankees are adamant that they are buyers with the trade deadline approaching and that they’re a championship caliber team.

But the truth of the matter is they’re not. The team has far too many holes and they’re only hurting themselves the longer they pretend they’re legit contenders this year.

Nathan Eovaldi and Michael Pineda are reenacting the ‘A.J. Burnett Dr. Jekyll & My. Hyde’ act of 2011, Mark Teixeira is more fragile than a China doll, Alex Rodriguez almost has no use to the team since he’s not hitting and he can’t field, and the entire bullpen aside from “No Runs DMC” is a gigantic question mark.

Yet the front office still doesn’t believe that the Yankees are sellers. And despite the Yankees having an under.500 record, no one should dare question the Yankees front office.

“I don’t pay any attention to any of that. That’s for you guys [with] nothing more important to write about than to write nonsense.” Yankees president Randy Levine said to the media.  “When we decide to become sellers, if we decide to become sellers or if we decide to become buyers, you’ll know.

“The difference is that most of you guys have never run anything, and we have a lot of history here of knowing what we’re doing.”

The truth of the matter is, the Yankees front office has no idea how to approach this. The Yankees have never been a team to sell, not even in the days of Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. But times have changed, and it’s time for the team to realize that they’re not a good team and it’s time to gain pieces for the organization by trading away some of their best assets.

In the past the Yankees had players such as Robinson Cano and David Robertson who had significant trade value in the final year of their contracts, but the Yankees never traded them. Both players eventually found new homes with the Seattle Mariners and the Chicago White Sox, and the Yankees didn’t get better.

It’s also worth mentioning when the Yankees and the Mets had games in New York City last week, the Mets were able to fill up Citi Field while the Yankees found their stadium empty, including the luxury seats.

Randy Levine wants Yankees fans to believe that what they’re seeing is a mirage and the team is actually better than how they’ve played. But Yankees fans aren’t stupid; the season is no longer young, and the Yankees really are a struggling .500 team.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s time to get rid of some pieces, Mr. Levine. This ball club just isn’t good enough.

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9 Responses to Front office believes Yankees are buyers while fans think otherwise

  1. If he had brains, he would be a moron!!

    • Neil says:

      That's an understatement. How did this idiot ever get to be president of the Yankees. Who's responsible for that?

      • Jerry says:

        What exactly does he do?

        • Neil says:

          I'm not sure what this guy does. He started appearing and making statements about the team around the late 2000s.
          To me he looked like a vulture trying to be the spokesperson for the ailing George. What credentials does he have? I'd rather hear from Hank that this clown.

  2. Terry says:

    Yeah, for me, the long history of knowing what they're doing ended shortly after 2009.Certainly by 2013.I've said it over and over, you don't have to totally sell out to make the club stronger.We need an impact bat, preferably RH first and a young proven starter second.We have some pieces other teams would want, we have prospects and we have more money than most clubs.Decide who you're going to build around and go get something done.Contenders want the relievers,Beltran, maybe a starter.Small market teams want more prospects types because of money.We can get stronger and make a run.We just have to do it.That, I give you almost nothing for a player you've given up on,won't get it done this time.Get aggressive and show the fire you want the team to show

    • Neil says:

      I'd rather do what they did in the early 90s.
      Bring up your young players before they get old in the minors. Bird judge Sanchez Mateo. Hopefully some of them pan out. Keep Didi. Bring up the young pitchers. Pitching is always a crap shoot.
      Bring in players from there. Probably free agency. Your not going to get much in trade. Maybe Beltran or Gardner and nova?
      It might take a few years to accomplish this but it's time to start over.
      If you keep the current team and keep adding to it you might end up with the 80s Yankees. Good but never good enough to win it all Yankees.

    • Jerry says:

      I think that's what they are trying to do. Not totally dismantling the club. It really depends on our minor league system and who develops. …. Bird at first,… Castro at 2nd,…DiDi at short… Mateo at 3rd or cf,… Sanchez behind the plate with Romine backing him up. Judge in right. Acevedo,.. Kaprielian, … Severino,… Tanaka ,… and keeping Betances and Miller. Mix this up with a couple of trades and free agent signings and who knows.

      • Neil says:

        Thats what I'm hoping for. Levine is making it sound like they could be buyers and win this year. And by doing that he would have to give up some young talent to bring in a key guy. Please don't give up the future to try and piece meal the rest of the year.
        Trade Beltran or a closer or Gardner and that's fine but you would be definately giving up on this year. Ok with me but not with bozo Levine

  3. YankeezFan says:

    This means the Yankees will start selling off some young talent to appease the old folks in the luxury seats to make them believe the Yankees have another playoff run in them. Nothing more than Yankee brass trying to convince the populus to spend money, ah… The mighty dollar reign in Yankee land.

    After San Diego sweeps the Yankees this weekend, Levine will start buying more washed up players for the final playoff push that will end in August. I'm kinda hoping Hal and Hank sell this team so at least the new owners,FOX, will just tell us they are doing it for the money, and don't care about the fans, unlike the current owners who want us to think they want a winning team.

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