Robinson Cano would have continued playing if he were Alex Rodriguez


Long before Cano was hitting home runs for the Seattle Mariners, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano were teammates until Cano left the Yankees as a free agent following the 2013 season.

However, Cano was able to leave on his own terms while the Yankees fired Rodriguez and sent him on his way earlier this month. And if there’s one thing players dislike, it’s not being sent out on their own terms.

“They handled it the way they think is right, but I know Alex and nobody would like being released in the middle of the season,” Cano said about Rodriguez prior to Monday night’s game. “But whatever it is, you’ve got to understand this is a business. What else can you do?”

Even with Cano’s departure from the team, he still kept in contact with Rodriguez. After there was much speculation on whether Rodriguez would play again, his representative said he wasn’t interested in playing for the remainder of the 2016 season, but he left 2017 up in the air. Rodriguez left the Yankees four home runs shy of 700, and if Cano was in Rodriguez’s shoes, he would have made an attempt to return to the game to reach the coveted milestone.

“I don’t know if he will play again,” Cano said about Rodriguez following the Yankees 7-5 loss on Monday night. “I would love to see him get 700 home runs. … If I was him, I would play. It’s only four home runs. If it was 20, it would be different.”

Even if Rodriguez doesn’t return to his role as a Major League Baseball player, Cano believes Rodriguez is going to thrive in his advisory role with Hal Steinbrenner and the Yankees.

“He’s gonna be really good,” Cano said. “He’s got a lot of knowledge about the game.”

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4 Responses to Robinson Cano would have continued playing if he were Alex Rodriguez

  1. Terry says:

    I think we just got a glimpse into how the backend of how that contract will play out. Yes Seattle, you will have to keep running him out there

  2. Yankee Fan 65 years says:

    The Yankees screwed Alex Rodriguez, and he should go elsewhere, and hit 715 or more homers. Last year they couldn't say enough things about him, and now they disrespected him in public. Shame on you, Yankees!

    • mosc says:

      Screwed him out of what? Wasting AB's with a 60 OPS+ so he can hit a HR milestone and cost them $6M for no gain? Why would you want that as a Yankee fan? He got his fare chance. 243 PA is a bigger sample size than Tyler Austin's going to get and he'll be lucky to see greater than a third of his AB's against LHP like Rodriguez did too.

      You just seem to want to screw over Austin and by proxy the Yankees in favor of watching a 42 year old man fumble his way to a higher peg in the HR race because that's more entertaining than winning games and championships to you.

      • DAGO RED says:

        Mosc, do have to agree with your posting, I grew tired of watching his O for batting cleanup. With the addition of the baby bombers, has this caused the rest of the team to wake up and smell the roses? Whose fault was it when he was suspended year before last? Without a shadow of a doubt, if he had played he would have passed the Babe. He still will receive the salary due in excess of 20M next year, not bad for a retiree. As you know, the YANKEES are only 5 1/2 back, with a bunch of games left within the division. Everyone of us have got to be very positive with the team playing very good baseball.

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