Yankees to attend Tim Tebow’s workout on Aug. 30


As you’ve all probably heard by now, former Denver Broncos and New York Jets QB Tim Tebow decided to trade in his football for a baseball glove, and he will try his hand at Major League Baseball.

While people believed that it was simply a publicity stunt, Tebow’s agent revealed he had a legitimate interest in playing professional baseball. Tebow last played baseball while a junior in High School.

To prepare for the next step of his Major League Baseball journey, Tebow is planning an open workout on August 30, and a surprising twist is the huge interest among Major League teams.

The Yankees are one of the many teams interested in the 29-year-old, and will be in attendance at his try out. Tebow hopes to land himself a pro-deal with a Major League team and it’s revealed he plans to try out as an outfielder.

Over the last few months, Tebow had been working with former Yankee Chad Moeller at Moeller’s facility in Arizona. However, many are skeptical about Tebow actually making it to the Majors after an 11-year drought. Despite the criticism, Moeller believes Tebow has the ability to perform at a Major League level.

“He’s obviously a physical player,” Moeller told the New York Daily News earlier this month. “He’s going to be a power hitter. The thing I think gives him the best chance to succeed is that he can drive the ball the other way very well and hits it very hard. He has good discipline at the plate.”

In order to get an in-depth look at Tebow, Moeller sent tape of Tebow hitting in the cage to ex-Yankee and current New York Mets hitting coach Kevin Long.

“His swing is very simple,” Long said to Mark Feinsand of the Daily News earlier this month. “Not a whole lot of head or body movement. Chad and Tim did a nice job of simplifying and putting his swing together. It’s short and explosive.”

While it would be impressive to see Tebow in baseball at some capacity, there have been football players who tried and ultimately failed at the sport. Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was in the Colorado Rockies system for two years before moving onto football, and had some advice for Tebow as he prepares for his Major League journey.

“Hope he can hit a curveball.”

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4 Responses to Yankees to attend Tim Tebow’s workout on Aug. 30

  1. Dave Newman says:

    Why would a team that has committed itself to a youth movement consider a 29 year old? Even if he could ever learn to play (possible because he is an athlete) it would take years to become major league ready. Besides, do we see him edging into a Judge, Frazier, Rutherford outfield? The Yankees can't possible need the publicity, especially since the press recently has been so positive with the promising youngsters and attractive acquisitions. I wish Tebow luck and hope that it works out between him and some other team.

    • Celerino says:

      The probably wouldn't consider him, but it doesn't kill them to have a scout in the stands while he does his thing. Its just a matter of due diligence.

    • Otto says:

      It is comical that because they have brought up a few youngsters he would not be considered because he is 29 and probably would be 32 or 33 before he reached the show. I hope he does well and the Yankees do sign him. I would not care of the player's age if they can help the team win. He is a great teammate, a leader and even more a great person. He would a positive influence in the locker room. It just makes me laugh that we only need young players to be good. He is giving it a shot and why not take a chance if they think he has the talent. If he would have played his senior year in high school he probably would have been drafted. It will not be easy, but I would never bet against him. He has a great work ethic, motivated and desire. Something some of these ball players need nowadays. I do not know why people bag on this guy so much. All he does is play hard and play with passion. I hope he does well and the Yankees do sign him. That would be awesome.

  2. Dan M says:

    This whole scenario with Tebow is interesting, as Dave Newman said above he's an athlete so it is possible Tebow could play the game. It would take a lot of time for him to become acclimated to playing professional baseball and the last time Tebow played in any competitive league was in high school. However because he's 29 years old I feel like if a team were to sign him (and that's a BIG "if") they'd possibly treat him like many of the Cuban players who have come to MLB because most of them are in their mid-late 20's, obviously the only problem with this whole scenario is that Cuban players actually spend years playing baseball professionally in Cuba before they make the journey to the US to even have a shot at making the roster of an MLB team; Tebow is basically starting all of this from scratch. When you factor everything together Tebow's chances of making anything out of this possible career in baseball are probably around 1% and if he actually wants to make it to the majors one day then his chances at that are even less then 1%. He's a guy that's easy to root for but maaaan, what he's trying to do is the equivalent of trying to climb mt. Everest by himself with no climbing gear. Good luck Tebow your gonna need it

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