After fifth straight win, Yankees are officially contenders


Over the last few games, the Yankees had someone play hero. Whether it’d be Chasen Shreve and Blake Parker on the mound when the Yankees either already used Dellin Betances or Betances wasn’t effective. Brett Gardner catching a fly ball at the top of the wall to snatch the jaws of victory from the Toronto Blue Jays. Or even Brian McCann launching two homers in a single game.

However, the Yankees had a new hero last night after Tyler Austin launched a game winning home run to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 5-4. The Yankees, who spent most of the season floundering between over and under .500, were nine games over .500 and had recently won their fifth straight contest.

In Spring Training, the Yankees roster had a different feel to it; Andrew Miller was still in the Yankees bullpen. Carlos Beltran was still the Yankees right fielder. Ivan Nova was competing with CC Sabathia for the final spot in the Yankees rotation, and Aroldis Chapman was slated to be the Yankees closer. So, it was quite a surprise when the Yankees dealt Miller, Beltran, Nova and Chapman prior to the trade deadline.

It wasn’t all bad; the Yankees were able to finally bring up Austin, Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge, who all made an immediate impact with the ball club. Sanchez was on an outworldly tear both offensively and defensively in his first two weeks, and Judge showed glimpses of what he could do if he was the Yankees everyday right fielder. Austin was the latest to show what the Baby Bombers were capable of, by sending the Yankees home in the bottom of the ninth with a win.

Around July, the Yankees looked like they were throwing in the towel on their season with trades, and with the release of Alex Rodriguez just two weeks after the deadline. However, the Yankees showed resilience and ended up being in the thick of the American League division race. They’re two games from the second Wild Card spot and gained a half game on the Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox.

Do the Red Sox, Orioles and Blue Jays really want to face off against the Yankees? Probably not, especially since the Yankees have a legitimate chance to overpower them and end up at the top of the American League East standings.

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10 Responses to After fifth straight win, Yankees are officially contenders

  1. It would be cool to see the Yankees finally get back into the playoffs (and I'm not talking about a one-game playin), but this rotation doesn't instill a ton of confidence that they could get past the first round. I'm still happy, though, because the team is finally headed in the right direction.

    • Jerry says:

      At this point I'll still be somewhat glad to get just to the one game playoff , because it didn't look like we had a shot at even that. The amazing thing is these are all players we already had, none from the recent deals. And you are right, the starting staff does not have much. But with all the surplus of talent we currently possess, we should be able to turn that into some pitching. At least for next year. Things are looking great.

    • tom says:

      I definitely want Yankees to reach the first playoff serial games. Yankees have pitchers that could pitch well for 5 or 6 innings before handing baseball to Warren/Severino as a legit long bridge to Betances. Austin, Sanchez and Judge could be wide awake. It is a possibility.

  2. tom says:

    OTT, I honestly hope NL teams take a notice on Ivan Nova so Yankees can trade PIneda away this off season. PIneda's stuff has to be better than Nova, right?

    I wonder about Kaepernick being kneeled during National Anthem. He is very very fortunate that 49ers game will be on Monday, the day after 9/11 or Patriot Day. However, what about his follower(s)? for this Sunday games. Catastrophically Awkward.

  3. DAGO RED says:

    As a veteran of the united States military, I do not believe that they should allow that idiot (kaepernick) on the field during the national anthem while the flag is being raised. He does not understand that the veterans, of all colors, of the armed forces of our great country, allow him to make the dollars that he is paid. Take his problem to Russia, Iran, N. Korea and see what happens. The more that you stir the more that it stinks.

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