Report: Yankees sign Billy Butler to Major League deal


With the Yankees needing a veteran bat down the stretch, they have turned to the free agent market to fill their temporary need at the DH spot.

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, the team has signed Billy Butler to a Major League deal. Butler will join the Yankees immediately in Boston as the team will face seven LHP in their next 11 games.

MLB Trade Rumors also added the Yankees will owe Butler the pro-rated portion of the Major League minimum, which is estimated to be approximately $50K.

Butler, 30, was released by the Oakland Athletics after hitting an abysmal .226/.329/.358 vs. southpaws.

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6 Responses to Report: Yankees sign Billy Butler to Major League deal

  1. mosc says:

    So he costs nothing but releasing Swarzak a little early (which is like, a positive) and one person's legend seat for the rest of the season so it's hard to get upset but… why?

    He's had a significant platoon split his whole career and this year suddenly can't hit lefties. Are they bringing him in to DH against lefties? Would they sit McCann to play Butler against RHP? I don't get it.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      no downside-he can play first and refsnyder can play right. Austin looks pretty bad and Tex can't get over the mendoza line-this guy can hit line drives on chistmas day- ilike the move

  2. It's been a long time since Billy Butler was any good, but he's still having a better year than Teixeira. And if Cashman had passed and Teixeira gets hurt again (like he is prone to do) than then Cash would be kicking himself later.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hey, it's a forty man roster right now, how can it hurt? Maybe a little pennant fever makes him perk up. He's hitting what .270 . That would be one of our best averages . I don't see how the move can hurt.

  4. Roberto says:

    Billy is a professional hitter. Never really known for his power but he can carve out a nice niche in this lineup…remember he had no one to protect him in Oakland. They stunk!

  5. mosc says:

    Keep in mind if the Yankees DO make the playoffs, he'll be ineligible. Oakland gave him a nice parting shot on that one…

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