Yankees call up six players to MLB roster


With the rosters expanding to 40, the Yankees have called up six players to help with the postseason race. The following players are:

INF Rob Refsnyder
RHP Nick Goody
RHP Luis Severino
RHP Kirby Yates
RHP Jonathan Holder
OF Eric Young Jr.

The only surprise the Yankees added to their call-up was Holder, who has had a dominant season in the minors. Refsnyder is the move for Aaron Hicks, who will be sidelined due to a hamstring injury. For those wanting Clint Frazier in the fold, the Yankees already confirmed Frazier will not make the majors this season.

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6 Responses to Yankees call up six players to MLB roster

  1. tom says:

    Rumbelow now collects MLB money as Yankees opened the spot for Holder. I guess Yankees are not high on Gallegos.

  2. tom says:

    Cashman said Holder was better than others. That Holder loves to throw high fastball of mere 92-94 mph with loopy curve. That is what I learned another day but if that is real scouting report then I fail to see how he being mentioned as the best available for bullpen help. Whatever, he is a new rookie to play MLB. That is exciting.

  3. Refsnyder was probably coming anyway….Holder deserves a shot based on performance

    • tom says:

      Both Holder and Gallegos have stud performance. Only difference is Gallegos can do multi inning work and Holder only punching out work (inning or less).

      • DAGO RED says:

        I really believe that the YANKEES are not doing justice with the way that they are using Rob Refsnyder. The man is one very good player,why they treat him like a yoyo is not right. I think that they should keep him on the major league roster, or trade him off !

        • enter42 says:

          I share your Ref frustrations. I love the guy. He's proven that he's a major league hitter but when they made the move for Castro the writing was on the wall that they didn't like his defense enough to consider him their 2B of the future. Typically you love an all-around guy on your roster but they only trust him as a backup 1B and RF. No way they keep a 40-man spot for that forever. All I can say is that when they eventually trade him, they better not give him away for nothing. I hope he kicks butt in Sept.

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