Yankees have to make the most of these last 30 games


The Yankees have 132 games under their belt, and starting on Friday night, the team will undergo a crucial stretch before taking their final off-day on September 19th.

Entering play tonight, the Yankees are 2.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles for the second and final Wild Card spot, and for the month of September the Yankees play against all of their American League East rivals, except for the Los Angeles Dodgers who come to town in the middle of September.

Coming into play on Friday, the Yankees have a 6% chance of gaining the second Wild Card and a 1% chance of making it to the World Series. However, numbers and probability aren’t always correct, and with every series, the Yankees are showing why the game of baseball is played on the field.

The Yankees entered their recent series against the Kansas City Royals as the underdogs; the Royals had won 17 of their last 21 series before the Yankees edged them out in a nail biting three game series, with two games entering extra innings. With a mix of veterans and rookies, the Yankees are finally putting a team worthy of a playoff spot on the field, which wouldn’t have been predicted after they traded Aroldis Chapman, Andrew MillerCarlos Beltran and Ivan Nova at the July trade deadline.

However, the Yankees are here and they’re not ending their season without a fight.

“It shows you there’s a toughness in there,” manager Joe Girardi said. “These guys really want it. I’m proud of these guys.”

The Yankees may have dashed the hopes of the Kansas City Royals this past week, and this weekend the Yankees have a chance to dash the hopes of the Baltimore Orioles as well.

After all, the Yankees were labeled as the underdogs when the season began and are finally embracing their underdog role down the stretch.

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4 Responses to Yankees have to make the most of these last 30 games

  1. hotdog says:

    20-10 should do it. That’s not impossible but they have some tough games left and I believe many within the AL East. Maybe 18-12 gets in.

    • tom says:

      20 games left against divisional teams. Win all of those game can guarantee a playoff berth since 3 teams are holding playoff spots. I don't know if 15-5 will cut it because Tigers, Indians (leading), Astros and Royals are in for better record.

      for 18-12, 15-5 and 3-7 may not get Yankees in.

  2. tom says:

    I tried MLB scenario generator but it didn't work right. Oh well.

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