Yankees may have lost Chad Green for remainder of season


Chad Green was brought into the rotation at a crucial time when the Yankees lost Nathan Eovaldi for the rest of the year due to Tommy John Surgery. Since coming into his role, Green has impressed and maybe talked his way into legitimate contention for a rotation spot next season.

However, Green’s outing against the Baltimore Orioles was cut short when he experienced pain in his elbow during the second inning of the Yankees 8-0 loss on Friday night. Green was promptly taken out of the game and was replaced by Nick Goody.

The Yankees revealed Green will undergo an MRI prior to Saturday’s game and are already anticipating him missing his next start. Should he lose his next start, the team is considering Luis Severino and Bryan Mitchell as potential options. Mitchell recently returned from injuring his toe back in February but he wasn’t a September call-up as of yet. Severino was one of the six players called up on Friday afternoon and pitched in yesterday’s loss out of the Yankees bullpen.

Green is hoping he won’t need Tommy John Surgery on his elbow, although he is worried that it will be a possibility.

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t,” Green said. “But I’m hoping it’s nothing serious.”

Green went 2-4 with a 4.73 ERA in 45.2 innings this season.

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9 Responses to Yankees may have lost Chad Green for remainder of season

  1. Otto says:

    Not a huge loss. Goody, Yates could go too. I do not know why keep using these guys. They are not very good. They are worried about their 40 man roster. Not sure why. Just cut these dead wait pitchers. There are a few more you could add.

    • tom says:

      With that attitude, Aaron Judge should go as well. huh?

      • Otto says:

        No be needs to figure it out but Judge is not going to be a star but maybe a good player. So I guess you think they should keep those pitchers. You probably like swarzank too or whatever his name is.

  2. Terry says:

    I think Mitchell lines up well as far as rest goes, unless they pull Montgomery from tonight's start.Even if they get the best possible news with Green, you'd think he would have to miss atleast one start.So, they'll need to call up someone.I've heard multiple reports that the Yankees want to keep Severino on short stint relief appearances.But necessity may change things

    • Terry says:

      My bad, I was talking with sis, while writing.Montgomery starts Wednesday ,which would line up well

    • tom says:

      I would add Montgomery to 40m if Green got TJS. Rotation for next year is getting thinner.

      It seems like Severino stays in bullpen. I don't get it. Short reliever job for him? Rubbish!

      • Jerry says:

        Right now, it seems the bullpen might be his greatest strength. Rather than get nothing out of him this year, and maybe develops some confidence again, that's what you have to do. Next year back in the rotation. You make the best of it.

  3. buckeyeballs says:

    I wouldn't put any more guys on the 40 man that they don't have already-there are too many teams to pass to make the wild card. Just play for fun the last 4 weeks and let the young guys play. Give mithchell 5 starts and try severino as an 8th inning guy which could be his spot next year

  4. Scott says:

    Resign chapman and put severino in the bullpen. He fits better there . Then you have these two guys betances clippard and warren along with Mitchell for long relief . Cut shreve, Yates schwazack and of course the great nick homer goody. Need to be creative in off season to find starting pitchers as free agents are barren . Right now we have tanaka cc Pineda who sucks and maybe cessa . Need to trade McCann Gardner and maybe low level prospect for a starter.

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