Yankees will honor David Ortiz on September 29

Boston Red Sox David Ortiz

The Boston Red Sox went above and beyond when honoring Yankees legends Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter prior to their retirements. Now, the Yankees will return the favor for Red Sox DH David Ortiz.

Barring a Yankees / Red Sox playoff series in the Bronx (which could be a possibility should the Yankees turn things around), the Yankees will hold a ceremony for Ortiz to commemorate his final season. The Yankees will honor Ortiz on September 29th, which is the final time the Yankees and Red Sox play at Yankee Stadium for the 2016 campaign.

Now, the Ortiz ceremony has it’s pros and cons: a pro would be not only honoring Ortiz, who has been destroying the Yankees in every crucial series they’ve played together, but it would also be a ‘thank you’ to the Boston Red Sox for honoring the former Yankees shortstop with a lavish and unforgettable ceremony. Now for the con; the Red Sox didn’t acknowledge Alex Rodriguez‘s retirement and basically swept him leaving the game of baseball under the rug. To be fair, the Yankees also barely acknowledged Rodriguez’s retirement and Rodriguez played with the team for majority of his career. The Yankees eventually gave him a short ceremony prior to his final game which included rain from Mother Nature.

Ortiz is a career .305/.396/.569 hitter with 52 home runs against the New York Yankees, although he is only hitting .234/.332/.491 at the new Yankee Stadium.

However, the Yankees still have some business to take care of before they honor the Boston Red Sox legend; they have three games left from a four-game series in Boston and a three-game series in New York, so it would be in the Yankees best interest to win the remaining games in order to stay in the postseason hunt.

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4 Responses to Yankees will honor David Ortiz on September 29

  1. Terry says:

    Yea, yea.While the Yankees have to do this one out of respect, it will be easy for me not to watch.I do respect the man's career, I consider him to be way too pompous for my taste.But I will say " Bye Bye!!!"

  2. Neil says:

    Who cares. It irks me that for 20 years 99 percent of Yankee pitchers never brushed him back. He hung out over the plate and would hit bombs off of us. He should have been thrown at once a game. He was way too comfortable.
    Should I even bring up the steroids he's on. The only players that did this good at this age are proven steroid users. I would bet my house that papi is one of them. You don't get better as you get older.

    • Rob says:

      What's the square footage of your house? How many bedrooms? What's the acreage and where exactly is it? As long as it's not North East Jersey I'll take that bet! If you win, you can have my house!

      • Neil says:

        Haha. There's only one way we're going to know for sure. Wait a couple of years and see his head size in proportion to his body. (Sosa). Seriously I punched in "was papis name on steroid list". Good reading ! I don't know what he's on now and how he's getting away with it but if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck…
        There first story that came up was from CBS sports, some of those graphs are hard to believe. He had zero power in his first 6 years.
        I'd still bet the house! (Small ranch, sorry)

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