2016 Yankees Report Card: Brian McCann


Yesterday, we graded reliever Adam Warren, who bounced back from his terrible start with the Chicago Cubs and thrived in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we move to the Yankees offense where we’ll grade Yankees catcher Brian McCann,who began as a starter before being demoted by Gary Sanchez.

When the Yankees signed Brian McCann, they envisioned him in being their No. 1 catcher. However, McCann regressed over the course of the season and eventually lost his starting job to young Gary Sanchez. While McCann didn’t complain about Sanchez taking over, he understood that his poor offense was a contributing cause. Overall, McCann hit .242/.355/.413 with 20 home runs and 58 RBI’s, driving in 36 less runs than a year prior.

Let’s break down McCann’s season month by month:

April: McCann had 65 at-bats in April, and hit three homers and 7 RBI’s in that span. He did get on base but the disappointing part is he struck out 21 times. For the month of April, McCann hit .262/.351/.415.

May: Power wise, May was a better month for McCann, as he hit four homers and drove in 14 runs. However, he only had 16 hits in 79 at-bats, which dipped his average. For the month of May, McCann hit .203/.300/.405.

June: McCann had less at-bats in the month of June, but he tried to make the most of them by hitting five homers and driving in 13 runs. For the month of June, McCann hit .231/.351/.492.

July: While McCann notched more singles in July, his power numbers were significantly down. He hit three home runs and drove in eight. For the month of July, McCann hit .254/.349/.408.

August: McCann logged in the most at-bats in the month of August, but he continued to suffer from a power outage, only hitting one home run while driving in nine runs. It was around this time the Yankees would bring up catcher Gary Sanchez, and McCann’s playing time behind the plate would take a hit. For the month of August, McCann hit .238/.319/.300.

September: McCann no longer found himself behind the plate, but he was the Yankees everyday DH for the month of September. McCann continued to try to find his power stroke hitting three home runs while driving in six. For the month of September, McCann hit .266/.347/.438.

October: McCann had two hits in five at-bats. He also homered and drove in a run. For the month of October, McCann hit .400/.400/1.000.

The Verdict: Was Brian McCann terrible? No. But he was a major disappointment behind the plate. Not only was McCann a disappointment, but he unfortunately became expendable when the Yankees announced they weren’t going to enter Spring Training with three catchers. Was 2016 the last season of Brian McCann in pinstripes?

So what would be Brian McCann’s final grade?


Tomorrow: We’ll grade Austin Romine, who did a decent job for the Yankees at the backup catching position.

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12 Responses to 2016 Yankees Report Card: Brian McCann

  1. Terry says:

    I know I'm in the minority but I'm not trading him unless I get another power bat first. Has he been great? No. Would I like to see more production from him? Absolutely. But, again, it's a power emphasis league now and we have little. It's a very weak position around the league, so his value is high. I have to get a premium return for him even if I get the other power bat. No one likes the youth movement more than me but young prospects do little to guarantee playoffs or championships this next two years. Not all will pan at the ML level. I think the only slam dunk at this point is Torres. Even James K needs to develop a little more and then prove it. If prospects equaled championships, Tampa would'nt have finished last. Don't give him away, his value will be even higher so the trade deadline

    • McCann has had a .418 slugging percentage as a Yankee. That's not that impressive, especially if Sanchez is the catcher.

    • Howard Rosenberg says:

      I will take a #2 pitcher for him.
      Include Gardner and Pineda if we have to.

    • Celerino says:

      His power is easily replaced. Pedro Alvarez comes to mind. He can be insurance at first and maybe a stray game or two at 3rd. They are already upgrading power with a full season of Sanchez and with Bird at first. If Judge can take the next step in his development, even more.

  2. The bottom line is that McCann's stats (.235/.313/.418) are only impressive if he is a strong defensive catcher. As a 1st baseman or a DH his numbers are not good and he could be easily replaced by a guy like Steve Pearce (His slash line is .267/.347/.493). Throw in the fact that McCann can't hit lefties at all anymore (he hit .218/.317/.345) off them last year and he's a waste of space.

    If the Yankees still have McCann on the 2017 roster, they've made a big mistake. This guy is past his prime, easily replaceable and is due $34 million. They can't get rid of him fast enough.

    • Jerry says:

      Unfortunately that 34 million is the reason they may not be able to trade McCann. You're right about his value only being as a catcher with the numbers he puts up. He is a team player much like Miller is. Maybe a platoon at DH where McCann only bats against righties and occasional catching. Maybe is numbers go up without the grind of catching. I just don't know how easy it will be to trade him.

  3. Yankeesfan says:

    I agree they Need to trade him , I trust Cashman will get decent return. He has done much better on trades than with FA .
    I would be happy with Sanchez / Romine combo .. For added power poss look into Trumbo. He could be huge at Yankee stadium.

  4. Olie says:

    I agree with Jerry, I wouldn't trade him either. He is the only thing close to a Left Handed power hitter on roster unless Bird works out!

  5. Roland says:

    I love what my NY Yankees are doing by deciding to go young. We need a couple of proven situational all hitters and a power arm or two,via free agency or farm system. Be patient Yankee fans and support this new youth movement.

  6. mosc says:

    Trading him or not is all about the return and less about what the Yankees would prefer in their line-up. How much will they have to eat of his salary and what will they get back? If they get Joey Gallo then yeah, good riddance. If they can't get a AAA starter and be rid of his whole salary though I'm not sure it makes as much sense.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    McCann doesn't have that much power. He's 20 homers is overrated. He's clutch, but at the same time he hits 230. The Yankees could use him if other hitters were better, but the Yankees sorely need higher average, higher OBA, players. Right now. Gardner and Ellsbury are the only really 350+ OBA players. Casto and Didi hit 270, but 310 OBA. Trade McCann if possible to Atlanta, where he would likely waive his no trade clause and use the DH for rookies, for Ellsbury, for Steve Pearce (His slash line is .267/.347/.493) or Billy Butler or a FA who slashes 270/360 including Beltran 2.0 in a one year deal.

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