2016 Yankees Report Card: Chasen Shreve


Yesterday, we graded Luis Severino, who struggled in the Yankees starting rotation but thrived in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we stay in the bullpen and grade Chasen Shreve, who didn’t have as good of a year as anticipated, but at least he avoided a September implosion of catastrophic proportions.

Chasen Shreve was part of the Yankees famous “Scranton Shuttle”, meaning the Yankees saw less of the reliever this season than they did last year. This season, Shreve went 2-1 with a 5.18 ERA in 33 innings. His K/9 was 9.0, which was the lowest (in a bad way) of his young Major League career but his BB/9 was 3.5, which was the lowest (in a good way) in his young career.

Let’s look at Shreve’s numbers month by month:

April: Shreve started the season with the Yankees, but gave up five runs in 8.1 innings and had 9 strikeouts. Shreve’s ERA for the month of April was 5.40.

May: May was not as kind to Shreve, who gave up six runs in 10.2 innings. He had less strikeouts (7) than innings pitched, so that was also a disappointment. Shreve’s ERA for the month of May was 5.06.

July: After Shreve was sent down to Triple-A in June, the Yankees brought him back in July and it seemed the stint in Triple-A fixed him. He pitched four innings in July, giving up no runs while striking out four. Shreve’s ERA for the month of July was…you guessed it, 0.00.

August: Just when you’re about to praise Shreve for getting his act together, he went back to being the pitcher he was in April and May. He gave up five runs in 6.2 innings, while striking out 7. However, Shreve was a hero for a night when the Yankees were in the WIld Card hunt, so that helps bring his grade up a bit. Shreve’s ERA for the month of August was 6.75.

September: Shreve pitched 3.1 innings in September, giving up three runs in that span. Shreve’s ERA for the month of September was 8.10.

The Verdict: When he has all of his pitches, Shreve could be brilliant. Unfortunately, Shreve suffers from inconsistency issues. and it makes him a slightly unreliable pitcher in the pen. Still, Shreve did help the Yankees secure a win on that late August night, so he did help the Yankees when it mattered.

So what would be Chasen Shreve’s grade?


Tomorrow: We grade Masahiro Tanaka, who was nothing short of brilliant as the Yankees ace in 2016. 

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9 Responses to 2016 Yankees Report Card: Chasen Shreve

  1. Celerino says:

    Sorry, he stunk. F.

  2. I agree with Celerino's F. A very disappointing season for a guy that should have stepped up for a larger role this year. Going forward, the Yankees shouldn't just release him, but with so many other viable bullpen options I could see him having a very, very short leash.

  3. Larry says:

    Something happens to him at the MLB level.It could be the big lights of NY.I think I would give him a D- , but CC got an A and I thought he deserved a B- so what do I know other that oir old pitching coach is doing better than the present one who took his pla e.

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      It’s a good thing I agree with you, cause I gave CC a B-. I only handed out one “A” so far and that post hasn’t published yet.

  4. Olie says:

    I am sitting here trying to figure out how in arguably the best division in baseball the Yankees could finish with a 84 and 78 win/loss record with such a "Bad" pitching staff. I am just glad I didn't have you tough graders in my school!

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Shreve was ineffective, so "F" despite his "eye of the hurricane" few weeks of good luck and good pitching. He needs to figure it out at Triple A. The Yankees did have a winning record on a lot of borderline, not terrible, parts. If they can add one real hitter, and one real starting pitcher, this offseason, and trade McCann, they will be better poised to keep building without making us all cringe. For instance, we don't need an ace, but adding RA Dickey & Mike Trumbo would help. Let Judge learn to hit in Triple A.

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