2016 Yankees Report Card: Gary Sanchez


Yesterday, we graded Yankees back-up catcher Austin Romine. Today, we round out the catching position and grade Gary Sanchez, who made his mark on the team after playing for two months. 

Gary Sanchez wasn’t on the Yankees for a long time. In fact, he was only there for two months. But that didn’t stop Sanchez from making National headlines and winning the hearts of Yankees fans everywhere. The best part is, Sanchez is no longer considered a Major League prospect; he’s now considered a Major League rookie. And a big accomplishment for Sanchez is he was the fastest rookie to reach 20 home runs. Overall, Sanchez hit .299/.376/.557 with 20 homers and 42 RBI’s. In his short time with the Yankees, sabermetrics dubbed Sanchez an extremely valuable player, as he ended the season with a 3.0 WAR. Sanchez’s WAR was  the third highest on the team behind left fielder Brett Gardner and ace Masahiro Tanaka.

So, let’s break down Sanchez’s August through October:

August: Gary Sanchez was called up on August 3rd against the New York Mets, and during the month, he put on a batting clinic, hitting 11 bombs and driving in 21 runs in 95 at-bats. Sanchez also added nine doubles for a bit of flair. For the month of August, Sanchez hit .389/.458/.832.

September: Average-wise, Sanchez had a cool month. But he continued establishing his power stroke, hitting nine home runs and driving in 21. For the month of September, Sanchez hit .222/.307/.525

October: Sanchez had a hit in three at-bats while working a walk. For the month of October, Sanchez hit .333/.500/.333.

The Verdict: In the short amount of time Sanchez was in the Major Leagues, he left quite an impression. He proved he could handle the pressures of hitting in big situations, and he was the Yankees go-to catcher when the season was winding down. The Yankees have three catchers on the roster going into Spring Training next year, but it’s safe to say Sanchez isn’t the one going to be dealt. Instead, he’ll be part of a youth movement, a movement that hopes to one day bring the Yankees their 28th World Series Championship.

So what would be Gary Sanchez’s final grade?


Tomorrow: We move onto the infield where we’ll grade Tyler Austin, who started his Major League career with a bang and had impressive home run moments since then.

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7 Responses to 2016 Yankees Report Card: Gary Sanchez

  1. A+. Literally the only bad thing that I can think of to say is that he performed so well this year that it's almost hard to imagine that he doesn't let a lot of fans down next year with what would otherwise be a great performance for a guy in his first full season.

    • Jerry says:

      That's true, he has set the bar so high but who knows maybe that's just the beginning of even more exciting exploits. How's about 35 home runs? 100 RBI, .280, 375 OBA ?

  2. Terry says:

    Really couldn't imagine his debut going much better. He has definate ML power. But kind of like Tex and Alex last year, we need to temper expectations a little. The league will formulate a new plan for getting him out. I think 30+ homers is realistic but the average may go up and down. The arm and the power make him the best catcher in the AL,in my opinion , for 2017

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