2016 Yankees Report Card: Luis Severino


Yesterday, we graded CC Sabathia‘s performance in the Yankees starting rotation. Today, we move onto Luis Severino, who was terrible in the Yankees rotation, but somehow found his niche in the Yankees bullpen.

In Spring Training last February, Luis Severino wasn’t one of the question marks to enter the season. However, once the season began, Severino severely struggled which led to the Yankees taking him out of the rotation and sending him to Triple-A. After Severino tried to re-hone his craft, the Yankees brought him back and placed him in the bullpen, where he thrived. Overall, Severino went 3-8 with a 5.83 ERA in 71 innings. His K/9 ratio was 8.4 and his BB/9 ratio was 3.3.

Now that we saw what Severino’s season was like as a whole, let’s break down his season by month.

April: Severino made four starts in April and gave up 15 runs in 19.2 innings. During that span, he notched 12 strikeouts and lost three games. Severino’s ERA for the month of April was 6.86 ERA.

May: Severino continued his winless streak, losing three more games while giving up 15 runs in 15.1 innings. Despite that, Severino struck out 15 batters. Severino’s ERA for the month of May was 8.22.

July: After being taken out of the rotation and sent to Triple-A, Severino returned and pitched four innings without allowing a run. As you would guess it, his ERA for July was 0.00.

August: The Yankees once again tried to slot Luis Severino in as a starter, but August was another nightmare month for him, giving up 12 runs in 13.1 innings. His ERA for the month of August was 8.76.

September: The Yankees finally placed Severino in the bullpen for good and that was where he shined, giving up two runs in 16 innings. He also notched 16 strikeouts in that frame. His ERA for the month of September was 1.13.

October: Severino had one outing and gave up three runs in 3.2 innings. His ERA for October was 7.36.

The Verdict: Luis Severino had a terrible stint as a Yankees starter, but his appearance as the Yankees reliever salvaged his grade a bit. If anything, the Yankees might want to consider placing Severino in the bullpen permanently as his two-pitch repertoire wouldn’t be enough as a starter.

So what would be Luis Severino’s final grade?


Tomorrow: We grade Severino’s bullpen mate Chasen Shreve, who was able to bounce back from his horrible outings last September.

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10 Responses to 2016 Yankees Report Card: Luis Severino

  1. Jerry says:

    I'm giving him an F . We needed him in the starting rotation and he was a big disappointment. Not to put all the blame on him, but that killed the Yankees. We did expect a lot and maybe we should not have, but that was a big hole in the rotation that was never filled. I'm a Severino fan and still believe in him but he gets an F for 2016.

  2. hotdog says:

    I would be looking at a D as well. I don’t think the small sample size of relief appearances gives a good idea of where he could thrive. I still see him as a starter and would prefer continued opportunities at this position but I might start him out at AAA unless he has a solid spring training. It wasn’t that long ago where many of us felt he could be at least a mid-level starter. I just don’t know what derailed him this year.

  3. Terry says:

    I am still a Severino fan but as a starter last year he stunk it up. He did however looked killer in the pen at times. I would bring him in ST as a starter but if we fail to build a good, not decent but good, pen this off season. I would put him in a late inning role for the year, if he can't win a rotation spot during ST. If Green is healthy, we have Mitchell,Cessa , CC , Mike , with a few arms that should be at AAA for depth. That didn't even include Warren, who was pretty good at his last starting stint.I still would like to see us add a true top of the rotation guy to go with Tanaka.Who if he pitches well again will probably opt out and go for more length.Lots of potential but a lot of question marks here

  4. I would say that a D is a little harsh considering the great success he had out of the bullpen. Maybe a C or a C-. Jerry was right that the Yankees were counting on him in the starting rotation and he failed — miserably — he had a 8.50 as a starter and batters hit an MVP like .337/.389/.587 off of him. But he was a solid bullpen piece with a 0.39 ERA and a great .105/.209/.158 slash against him.

    I certainly don't want the Yankees to give up on him as a starting pitching prospect. It's great that he pitched well in one inning stints, but the Yankees would be much better off if he could help their anemic rotation considering the free agent options available to them (no decent starters, a number of great relievers).

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I would give Severino a B. He excelled in the bullpen. He failed as a starter. Now, it does not take a PhD to figure out what to do with him in 2017. The Yankees do need serious starting help. Tanaka is No. 1, CC is No. 5, and the rest is who knows. As the end of the season showed, even a decent bullpen (Killer B, Clippard, Warren, Severino) can't band-aid a starting rotation that goes only five innings per night.

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      If I were just grading Severino on the bullpen, he would have gotten a B. However, he got an F for starting and since I was grading him overall, and not just for the bullpen, I just combined the F and B grade together. I thought D was a fair in between of the two.

  6. Olie says:

    Given that most of you have given Failing grades Severino, Pinada and earlier in season Nathan Eovaldi, I hope that we will get a chance to grade the Pitching coach because I see a pattern. ( So of course the Yanks give him a new contract.)

    • I said C, someone else said B, I think there was a D. Going from potential-big-time-rotation-contributor to at-least-he-could-be-a-reliever isn't all that impressive. At the end of the day, he's a guy who still needs a lot of work on his slider and changeup.

    • Jerry says:

      Here's your chance, I give Rothschild a D.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    Severino was way above "at least he could be a reliever." It is more like Severino looks like an elite reliever, a nasty unhittable 7-8th guy. The rest of the Scranton Shuttle crowd can't even qualify as relievers so far.

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